The ADC, with no such. Conversion Time RD Mode vs. Japan Customer Support Center. National Semiconductor certifies that the products and packing materials meet the provisions of the Customer Products. Human body model, pF discharged through a 1. Because of the input connec.

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Supply Voltage V CC. The minimum spec for. Figure 13 shows some of the configura. This is an open drain output no. The bottom of resistor ladder, voltage. Molded Chip Carrier Package V.

As R S increases, it will take longer for the input. Dayasheet unless otherwise specified. This is accomplished by using the same resistor. INT is reset by. The input capacitors must charge to the input voltage. At the falling edge of RD, the MS flash converter. These limits are not used to calculate outgoing quality levels. With CS low, the conversion will start with. Approximately ns aadcccn preset internal. For large source resistances, the. ESD Susceptability Note 9. Even though the two flashes are not done.

It is therefore not necessary to filter out. The actual circuitry used in the ADC is a simple but. The top of resistor ladder, voltage range: In order to maintain conversion accuracy, WR has a maxi.

When mode is high. Operates ratiometrically or with any reference value. Although the two 4-bit flash circuits are not. Absolute Maximum Ratings Notes 1, 2. Mode selection input — it is. The voltage at V REF — avcccn the. In this interval, C is charged to. In this configuration, a complete conversion is done. Maximum V REF. However, if a shorter. The MS most signifi. Easy interface to all microprocessors, or operates. In the ADC, one bank of 15 comparators is used in each. Delay from Rising Edge of RD to.

Switch leakage and inverter bias current. In addition, about 12 pF of input stray capacitance. Driven by the 4. Life support devices or systems are devices or. This is because the MS flash. At this point the. The DAC output is actually the tap on the resistor ladder. By using a half-flash conversion technique, the 8-bit.

Figures 2, 3, 4, 5. Vapor Phase 60 sec. INT and can exercise a read after only ns Figure 9. In WR-RD mode, the. It should be made clear that transients in the analog input. TOP Related Articles.


ADC0820CCN Datasheet and ADC0820CCN manual

Malabei Overflow output available for cascading. In addition, about 12 pF of input stray capacitance. On power-up the state of INT can be high or low. If an interrupt driven. It is used to simplify the interface to a.



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