In transfers, there is no change in the responsibility, designation, status or salary. Transfer may also be made as a disciplinary action. Transfer means a change in job assignment. It refers to a horizontal or lateral movement of an employee from one job to another in the same organization without much change in his status or pay package. Transfers must be ordered based on certain company-specific principles or dogma.

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Condition: New. The new edition continues to discuss basic concepts of international business in a comprehensive manner. It provides a lucid treatment of the theory and practice of global business in the Indian context. Flourished with case-lets drawn from contemporary businesses, it will acquaint the students with the fundamentals of global business. Nature of International Business 2. Multinational Corporations 3.

Global Trade and its Theories 4. Foreign Direct Investment Part Two 5. Political and Legal Environment 6. Cultural Environment 7. Managing Across Cultures 8. Negotiating Across Cultures 9. Technological Environment Economic Environment Part Three International Strategic Management International Organisation Structure International Strategic Alliances Integration Between Countries Institutional Support to International Business World Trade Organisation Part Four International Operations Management International Marketing International Financial Management Financing Foreign Trade International Accounting Future of International Business Seller Inventory BV.


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Kigataur Certified BuyerTiruppur. Asswathappa has tried to follow the style of Robbins; eg: The book will be very helpful for management students in understanding the depth of Human Resource Management and will also serve as practical guide with its extensive pedagogy and Online Learning Centre OLC Table of Human Resource Management, in its seventh edition, continues to adopt, adapt and teach the ever-dynamic paradigms of the subject in an easy to relate style. He has nearly three decades of teaching experience and has served several universities as member of board for MBA and M. Text and Cases by K. Flipkart as usual has always kept up to my hope and delivered the book in 2 days.


Download: Human Resource Management By Aswathappa.pdf


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