I blog about life, music, films, books, science, science fiction, tv and stuff like that here. I blog about religion, Christianity, the bible, atheism and stuff like that there. Dahlquist, which is set in a semi-steampunk, Victorian-ish, alternate reality. That book is full of adventure, mystery, and quite a lot of sex. At the end of that book, there seemed to be a few lose ends of story not tied up, but the bulk of the story appeared to be done.

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In both instances, part of that key seems to be the secret of eternal life. The fourth path is the letters of Paul. At the request of an old woman, Binah — the Universal mother, an umbilical-like rope is lowered; Rosenkreutz manages to catch hold of it and thus becomes a Poraios de Rejectis — brought forth from amongst the rejected.

The various floors of the Tower of Olympus represent the orbits of the planets. As if to reinforce this polar dance, the seven men including Christian, are joined by seven maidens, each one different and each one, like the phases of the moon, exhibiting an individual personality. Her appearance at this point seems to be the missing piece in the whole cycle of events. The Tower of Olympus stood upon an island which was exactly square and was surrounded by hcemickal great wall.

This would seem cemickal indicate that CRC was Jewish. Blue is also a colour often associated with the Virgin Mary and according to Rev. An executioner, a Moor, robed in black and bearing an axe, margiage, and beheaded in turn each of the six royal persons.

In a short time it cracked and there emerged an ugly, ill-tempered bird, which was fed with the blood of the beheaded royal persons diluted with prepared water. In the midst of marriafe tempest he was touched on the back and, turning, he beheld a glorious woman with wings filled with eyes, and robed in sky-colored garments spangled with stars. The banner of the Phoenix, emblem of rebirth is flown.

Through her message, it is clear that he must undertake a journey. Personally, I think we need to embrace our multiple faces and not fear our shadow selves, for this is what truly enables us to see clearly the middle pillar, which leads us on our own alchemical journey to divine love.

Good symbols seem to be capable of expressing fundamental concepts. Here the shining Word has dissipated the shadows and a glorious universe has been formed.

In one hand she held a trumpet and in the other a bundle of letters in every language. The newly created Knights of the Golden Stone were obliged to subscribe to five articles drawn up by His Royal Highness: The story then continues, Whereupon I presently drew out my bread and cut a slice of it.

The white-and-gold-robed Virgin then rose and announced that to prevent the admission of unworthy persons to the mystical wedding a set of scales would be erected the following day upon which each guest would be weighed to determine his integrity. The Chemical Wedding should not be seen as just a description of personal transmutation; for then we are in danger of missing one of the main messages of the book — the connectedness of all things that comes through the interplay of polarities.

The guests were given wreaths of laurel and, a curtain being raised, found themselves in the presence of the King and Queen. At length, after resorting to prayer, he sought sleep.

On Day four, there is even greater emphasis on polarity. The elect then returned to the castle, where to each was assigned a learned page, who conducted them through the various parts of the edifice. This provides us with a succinct example of how matters scientific and matters spiritual are inextricably tied together on a macro and micro cosmic level, the main difference being merely that of perspective and scale.

The slaughtering and roasting of the Paschal lamb begins in the evening near Easteras does The Chymical Wedding. From Love… So may we too, through flame of love With joy unite them once again. In the center stood the triangular sepulcher of Lady Venus. The bigotry of the church, the tyranny of the state, and the fury of the mob are the three murderous agencies of society which seek to destroy Truth as recounted in the Masonic legend of Hiram Abiff.

Christian must take the place of the first porter at the first portal, where he must then spend his maeriage judging for himself who marrixge and who is not worthy of passing through to the Castle. They are seen to change out of their splendid snow-white robes, into black ones. Views Read Edit View history. It was presumably written about twelve years marriagr to its publication—or when the author was fifteen or sixteen years old. The maiden takes the door key with her so nobody else can enter without her guidance.

Whilst the Tree of Life is based on opposites, the importance of following the middle pillar is often stressed. Whilst he is greatly disappointed, his punishment is actually his crowning glory. Related Articles


Gordon Dahlquist

Miss Temple, young, wealthy and far away from home, never wanted to be a heroine. It falls on her tiny shoulders to destroy a deadly cabal whose alchemy threatens to enslave the world. Miss Temple plots her revenge. But Dr Svenson and Cardinal Chang are alive, barely - their bodies corrupted by the poisonous blue glass. However much this present book may stand apart as a discrete narrative, a few notes regarding what has come before may prove useful. Celeste Temple, a plantation heiress from the West Indies of twenty-five sharp years, her engagement to Roger Bascombe summarily terminated without explanation, found herself in the position, some three days later, of shooting him dead in a sinking dirigible.


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Chemickal Marriage


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