Minos I have my bike apart right now getting a new paint job. It was just laying in his garage. I talked to another guy today, his is also on a shelf. Lets go guys I need help on this one.

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Check out the Edelbrock Qwiksilver website here. If you have any questions call them at ext: 2, ask for Mike Price or Jayson Rayburn. The carb comes with everything shown here for the XRR. Remove the seat and tank. Drain the gas then unhook the cables from the stock carburetor. Loosen the clamps on the intake manifold and the air-boot then carefully wiggle the stock carburetor off. Remove the stock throttle assembly and cables note where they are routed, and route the new ones in the same spot then assemble the new throttle assembly making sure to lube the new cables.

Install the idle cable and the metering adjustment tool to the new carburetor. Wiggle the new carburetor first into the intake manifold then into the air-boot. Hook up the cables from the new throttle assembly onto the new carb. Put the tank back on and hook up the gas line using about Turn on the gas and start it up! Initial Ride Review! Took the bike out for the first ride since installing the new carb. My initial impressions are: The bike starts much easier! The carb does not come with a choke.

It comes with an enrichener, but the instructions say on the pumper series it may hardly ever be needed. When cold, just blip the throttle twice, to squirt some gas in the venturi of the carb , find top dead center and kick. It started first or second kick every time hot or cold. Off idle. There is no more off idle hesitation. No matter how hard I hit the throttle, the bike responded. The low to midrange in my opinion is stronger.

In fact in a couple different situations the front end was coming off the ground where before I could keep it on the ground. Everywhere in the rpm range the throttle is very responsive.

Does it make a big difference on the top end? My seat of the pants opinion is that the difference is not noticeable on the top end. The stock carb when properly jetted works well on the top end and so does this carb.

However, Edelbrock tells me that all other settings being equal, pipe, air filter etc. Would I recommend it? For the occasional rider that takes the XRR out twice a year probably not. By the way, the carb requires the non-epa intake manifold. For the rider who is looking for that little extra edge, I would definitely recommend this carb. If you have any questions fill free to email me at brian xrr.

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How to Adjust an Edelbrock Quicksilver Carburetor

Mezijinn Do not confuse these carbs manuql the other edelbrocks as they are okay. Active Threads Evo cam swap Last Post: Although we do not and cannot review the messages posted and are not responsible for the content of any of these messages, we reserve the quicksilvdr to delete any message for any reason whatsoever. I just got a 38mm Quick Silver from a freind. You know whats weird is that I have one on my bike and it is great. It was just laying in his garage. It eedelbrock not work well and nobody we know has been happy with one.


Tuning Instructions for Harley-Davidson Carburetors

This tuning manual is for HarleyDavidson only! If you have any questions or problems, please call our Technical Hotline at: ext. The Edelbrock Performer Series Carburetor has five 5 adjustments: 1. Shovel Head and Iron Sportster will require use of Edelbrock throttle cables. Models not equipped with a dual cable throttle assembly will require one. Edelbrock offers an economical dual cable throttle assembly part Turn fuel valve off before getting started.

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