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Sheridan rated it really liked it Uses Kantian political philosophy to argue that public roads are necessary for justice. Apr 12, Mimi rated it it was amazing I was introduced to this nonfiction book during my time as a high school debater. I decided to read this book because Im interested in the philosophical views of Immanuel Kant. In this book, Ripstein summarizes Kants arguments about maintaining a system of equal freedoms among the people of a community. Ripstein also applies Kants philosophy to the modern day legal and political systems.

I particularly enjoyed the section in the book about the governments responsibility to the people. Kant I was introduced to this nonfiction book during my time as a high school debater. Kant outlines that there must be an omnilateral will in place in order to allow a system of equal freedoms to citizens and in order to protect them from the state of nature.

Ripstein applies this to oppressive and barbaric governments by saying that if the government is not allowing this system of equal freedoms, a revolution is warranted. Ripstein says this revolution, although leaving its citizens in the state of nature, is overall better for the freedoms of its citizens.

I think that the book is more aimed for college students and I think an introduction to Kant and his philosophies before reading the book would be beneficial. For those further interested in legal applications should read the remainder of the book as well.



A Regime of Equal Private Freedom? A Permissive Theory of Territorial Rights. Ripstein postpones to an Appendix his consideration of this very basic but also very difficult question. Sign in Create an account. Perpetual peace is unattainable because the only rightful forum for establishing it is ffeedom and can be dissolved … A permanent congress of states has no resources to perpetuate itself, and any member is entitled rupstein withdraw from it p. According to the Principles of froce Wissenschaftslehre.


Force and Freedom : Kant's Legal and Political Philosophy

He was already over 70, and I was still in my twenties, having just published my first book on Kant. So our conversation, which consisted mainly of youth listening to the superior wisdom of age, centered on the current state of Kant scholarship. Gadamer told me I should write such a book -- a recommendation I found flattering, but I also immediately and silently dismissed, partly because my principal interest in Kant was precisely in his ethics, but chiefly because I thought it could be done properly only by someone who had much more knowledge of law than I had, or ever intended to acquire. Until now, however, I have never found the book Gadamer thought so badly needed to be written. But this book finally appears to be it.

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