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Nikolkis The impact area will be level, constructed of a minimum of 0. Loose cargo packaged vibration rounds. Because such a wide variation exists in the foreign legal limits and some itol have limited highway systems, the following constraints are recommended to achieve general unrestricted transport in most NATO countries: Description and photograph of any incompatibility of the container, shelter, or package with its storage or transportation medium. Describe the actions taken to service and prepare the item for aircraft loading. First article inspection see 4. Angle of inclination of the load with respect to the ground during static testing.

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Tuk Ensure that the test item is in the designed load configuration — full payload configuration real itlp simulated payload. Conduct test loading of the item if the NSRDEC engineering analysis reveals that the characteristics of the test item are such that analytical means alone are insufficient to determine whether it meets the clearance, projection, overhang, and ramp cresting requirements. Speeds will be determined by specified type of test courses.

In addition, one subgroup shall be subjected to one drop in each of the five orientations. Item Fixed-wing aircraft Cargo handling equipment 2. Inspect the test item for location and compatibility of tie-down and lifting points. Measure and record the angle of inclination of the load with respect to the ground. PDF Adrienne Cantler For the transverse axis, packaged ammunition shall be placed on the table with the longitudinal axis of the cartridges parallel to the longitudinal axis of the table surface.

For the final inspection after all axes of vibrationthe M1A2 ammunition cans shall be opened and the cartridges shall be visually inspected. List of test item preparation for flight testing. This test shall be performed simultaneously with the dispersion test.

The drops shall be made from a quick-release hook attached to an overhead hoist, at ambient temperature conditions. Any restrictions will be noted. Measurement of shock and vibration imparted to the test item must be consistent with the guidance provided for drop testing para 4.

The structural integrity of the test item and the effectiveness of any internal shock attenuation mechanisms are detennined in this series of tests. Cartridge length, max Level IV 3. Sling set link counts, front and rear. All tie-down provisions must undergo proof testing.

If firing inside a temperature conditioning chamber is not feasible, after 30 shots, the weapon shall be reconditioned for 2 hours at the respective temperature. Determination of item clearances during loading and flight. However, they do not allow for transmission box. The drop equipment and impact surface shall be the same as described in paragraph 4. One hundred and sixty cartridges for each temperature environment shall be conditioned for a minimum of 12 hours prior to loose cargo testing.

Characteristic data for current fixed-wing aircraft are presented in Appendix A. Unless otherwise stated in the guidance document, the miles and percentages shown will be used.

Copies of the publication are available from http: Instructions for special servicing and preparation. Restrictions and clearances for loading, including ramp. The time that the cartridges are out of temperature for movement between the conditioning chamber and the test cell, as well as the test setup, shall be regained in conditioning at a 1: Record photograph if possible the securement method and equipment employed. The cartridge shall iop capable of being rendered safe and disposed of by EOD in all field environments.

Illustration for determining dimensions of physical characteristics for a track vehicle. All auxiliary equipment must be ittop and secured properly. Remove, stow, and secure all soft-top covers in a designated shelter or to the item in some fashion.

Results of visual and functional inspections. TOP Related Posts.


ITOP 4-2-601 PDF



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