Description The Flowatch by JDC Electronics is a top-qualtiy precision instrument that measures the flow of almost any liquid or gaseous medium. Swiss-made like all their products, the Flowatch is a competitively priced instrument and acts as a flowmeter and thermometer, having been developed for use under challenging circumstances. The JDC Flowatch can be used to measure rivers flows, ocean flows, sewage flows, hydrological studies, chimney flues, irrigation canals, air conditioning conduits, ventilation shafts, and more. The JDC Flowatch comes standard with two different impellers you can use to measure almost any liquid or gaseous medium. The 20mm diameter impeller can be used to measure air speeds and while the 60mm impeller is used to measure fluid speeds. There is also an air impeller with a 12mm diameter available separately.

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Find out more Smart Farming JDC Electronics is introducing a new range of connected sensors for smart farming and secure Swiss data warehouse. In addition to product testing, our wind tunnel is also available for model-testing and special calibration. Contact us for more details JDC Electronic SA makes its experience available to the industry and the leaders of tomorrow, whose developments are the subject of patents and licences.

Innovation and quality is at the heart of our work. Does everything the manufacturer says it will do. Straightforward to operate and interpret the display. In addition to measuring wind speed, you can also determine its direction, record temperature, humidity, air pressure, or check your altitude.

Weather station for smartphones Transform your smartphone into a weather station simply and quickly with the Skywatch BL. You can accurately measure wind speed, temperature and humidity while sharing this data on social networks or on our platform bl.

Weather stations Do you need to protect people, animals, plants, building sites or materials from weather-related hazards? Our different models of weather stations allow you to measure, monitor and overall have several types of alarms. Discover our weather stations Porosimeter This porosimeter was developed and manufactured by JDC Electronic SA following a very strong demand from paragliding manufacturers, mainly for safety reasons. This instrument quickly became the leader in the field of porosity.

It is now used and appreciated all over the world. Discover our porosimeter Flow-meters Those instruments have been developed for use even in difficult conditions.

Its various propellers and measuring method offer measurement solutions in almost all cases, whether it be for measuring the flow of gas or liquid.


Skywatch Flowatch Flowmeter





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