Fontanarrosa Resumen del Libro A pedido del publico, se reune en este volumen todos los cuentos relacionados con el futbol escritos hasta ahora por Fontanarrosa e incluidos en sus libros ya publicados. Flechado por la pasion de multitudes desde siempre y para siempre, Fontanarrosa no solo es capaz de quedarse en su habitacion de hotel en una soleada tarde de Paris porque televisan un partido entre el Galatasaray y Feyenoord ademas, amistoso , sino que practico hasta hace muy poco tiempo el futbol amateur en ligas barriales de su Rosario natal. Y, como rosarino, hizo su opcion: entre leprosos y canallas, eligio a estos como una instancia vital. Pocos ignoran que es hincha de Rosario Central, pero esta devocion no le impide disfrutar con las artes futbolisticas de cualquier equipo de las exhiba, asi fuere parandose ante un baldio donde los arcos estan marcados por bolsos. De nada serviria toda esta formacion si el excepcional oido, la imaginacion y el humor desbordante del Negro, su captacion de la jerga coloquial de los aficionados el instrumento, los argumentos vienen de un enriquecimiento de la realidad coloreada con la satira y el pastiche, esto ultimo a partir de los estereotipos de los periodistas deportivos. Desde los cuentos primeros, incluidos en Los trenes matan a los autos, hasta los mas recientes, de Una leccion de vida, se traza una parabola de la que gozaran tanto los devotos de Hemingway como los seguidores de Victor Hugo Morales, sin pasar por alto, eso si, a quienes comulgan ante el altar de Aldo Pedro Poy.

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The Iliad is widely seen as the more epic of the book of the two. I would say it is harsher. The war features warriors the size of Achilles, Odysseus, Ajax, Menelaus… the origin of the war is the kidnapping of Helen, wife of Menelaus, by Paris, who takes her to Troy, against which the Greek armies fight in order to bring her back. The description of the fights does not spare any bloody detail, reaches at times the point of recreation in the violence and brutality of the characters.

The book is read very easily and draws from different disciplines in order to provide examples, outcomes from scientific studies and his vision on evolution.

Borrell and J. The main point of the book goes around the different calculations methods for what is called the fiscal balance, pointing to the distortions played by separatists. The book was later adapted to the cinema in a movie by the same title. The movie and the book are classic of aerospace literature and cinema. The images of the mercury seven in their silver space suits or their orange fighter pilot suits are part of popular culture. The book goes into the struggles and ego disputes among the different astronauts and between them and Air Force test pilots, including Chuck Yeager whose auto biography I had read in , thus letting me see that episode from both sides.

A definite must read. This book is more of an adventure book than the Iliad, and some of the passages are quite known such as those of the cyclops or the sirens. I read it as had seen it recommended by Elon Musk a couple of times.

The book has some hilarious points and fine criticisms, but other than that I thought it was quite overrated. The Oresteia is a trilogy first represented at a festival in BC. It coined terms and introduced figures widely used today such as Big Brother, Newspeak, Thought Police, thoughtcrime… even if I found some passages of the book rather tedious, it is a must read, a wake up call, a reminder of always having to be alert in the defence of individual rights.

Since then, I had heard about those stories some other times. In April we visited Argentina and we went to a bookshop to enjoy going through book stands, when I found his name in bookshelf I picked one of his books to read a few of his stories.

The book is a compilation short stories of Argentinean football. They are fictional stories which feature amateur players and aficionados, either playing football, remembering memorable matches or attending events. I especially liked its fresh and down to earth language, which very easy transmit that for some people football is much more than sport.

This was the first one I read. Rather than a book written by him, it is the transcription written in of a series of lectures Borges gave in around Tango, its origins, meaning, etc. I loved the book, as it gave me some insight into Argentinean life at the beginning of the XX century, the dance itself, its evolution from a dance of locals of dubious reputation to a dance more than socially accepted.

With them Borges plays with different concepts, styles and themes. I saw that it has a great reception by critics, I do not share it. There are countless films, books, comics, plays, that include such characters. This book, published in , set a framework for that popular culture: the prominent teeth, the biting and sucking of blood, the coming out at night, the counter measures, etc.

The story is made of a series of letters, entries into the diaries of some of the characters and press articles. I liked the originality of such approach, although in my view it lacked some rhythm at some points. Waiting for Godot is theater play that portrays two characters, Vladimir and Estragon, who wait for a third one, Godot, who never arrives. Meanwhile they engage in a series of discussions, absurd at times, comical at others, or even tedious. I have read reviews of the play stating that it is one the most significant play in English language of the XX century.

Written in , the book covers several trips of Gulliver, to nations previously unknown to him, where he discovers different civilizations Lilliputians, giants, a civilization on a flying island with their own ways of thinking. These travels offer the author situations to explain different points of view from menial subjects to more profound ones, such as fraud, the importance of rewarding good behavior, the importance of attitude over skills, astronomy, the influence of lawyers, taxes… up to a rather harsh criticism on human kind in comparison to the honesty of horses.

A classic definitely worth reading. Once he finished it, I grabbed this boomerang gift so I could read it too. The book is a review of income inequality in the USA, the policies that have been taken in the last decades and that have contributed to the increasing of that inequality and its consequences.

Criticism of austerity, defence of higher taxes, denouncing the double standards, the fine print of trade agreements, the need of labor unions, globalization and rent seeking are some of the topics discussed in the book.

I bought the book and put it on the reading list. Written in , the book is a passionate story of a farm life in Africa, lovely at times, with some descriptions of landscapes, relationships, the sounds of nature, the animals in the safaris, the flights in the Moth of her friend Denys…, that brings you back to a time and a world that most probably, for good and bad, we will never see again. A melancholic read at times, especially at the end, when the author describes when she was already closing her experience in Kenya.

The book I read is a compilation of the four plays mentioned above. The plays treat the death of Ajax, of Heracles, of Antigone and the self-blinding of Oedipus, this last one considered to be the masterpiece of Greek tragedy. The book is written in the form of entries into the diary of Martin.

Other than some pills of sharp criticism on fairmindedness, self described liberal free thinkers, disdain for science, culture and history, I did not like much this book either. Hugo centers the story around Jean Valjean, who was initially convicted for stealing bread but after a series of escape attempts he ends up serving 19 years.

Valjean will be transformed into a benefactor who is always chased by his past and who follows an internal struggle between justice and doing good.

Valjean will take as personal mission to save Cosette, a young orphan girl. A great comedy and criticism of the society of his time in its view of women rights. The exposition of his social choice theory, the implications of the theorem and the particular cases when some conditions are quite interesting. However, the book is a plagued with demonstrations with which he arrives to his theorem; a tough read if not on student mode. In the plot, Tartuffe is an impostor that passes by a fervor devotee who uses religion to trick Orgon, to the point of getting his state and at the brink of getting his wife.

A great pointed comedy. I wish you all very interesting reads in !


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