Murg Jane Malan rated it liked it Jul 20, The whole thing is ridiculous from the Heroines dep to their eventual affair to their eventual love. I would give it 0 stars if I could. The beginning of this story was soooo boring! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Great read for iphone. Their engagement charade must look convincing, so Pierre commands that Georgie share his bedroom.

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It is so nineteenth century. Thus, this term does not apply to Georgie, whatsoever. When I get a Harlequin Presents in the mail or pick one up in the store, seeing this outdated, sexist term is a turnoff to me. I will read the book if I like the author and the story sounds interesting otherwise. It offends my 21st century sexual egalitarianism principles. Okay, you might ask why I read these books.

Because they are good, and entertaining, and a nice way to spend a few hours, allowing me to recharge, relax, and let off some steam. Because they are fun to read, I am prepared to overlook some of the way un-PC aspects, most of the time. PSA over.

Review begins: Georgie approaches Pierre at his elite gym in London to explain that she more or less said they were engaged because his mom has been really depressed since her stroke, with little to take interest in, and she thought knowing that her son was engaged would help.

Of course, Pierre is livid. He likes his women cold-blooded, into making money, intellectual, and willing to get horizontal without feelings involved.

The fact that he barely ever comes home to see his mom, that he is way too fixated on making money and city living, and his colorless, snooty, boring girlfriends. So she takes a chance and says they are engaged. This odd couple spends more time together, and develop a liking and attraction for each other.

I enjoyed this book. I liked the back and forth between Pierre and Georgie. She had her own career and her own home, and was perfectly happy with her life in the country. Pierre was the one who had some issues he needed to work out. He resented his family for their organic farming ventures, and the fact that they squandered their money on schemes destined to fail.

He focused on making and keeping his money, and became more and more cold-hearted in a sense. Georgie brings a part of him to life, and he realizes how much he loves his mom, and enjoys being around her.

Georgie and Pierre have good chemistry although the love scenes are not fully described. Which I thought was weird, but oh well. I think spending time with Georgie and his mom helped him to realize what he was missing out on, but eventually that scared him. I thought that was very cowardly of him, and low down. But he ends up realizing what he almost let slip through his fingers when he goes back to town, and his mom tells him that Georgie has a new boyfriend after three months pass by.

Rolling eyes. This was a fun book.







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