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So I searched for it on my hard drive, and lo and behold, I found it. See the third point. Rick and I have never met. I regard him as a brother in Christ, and I have no negative word to say about him as is the case with every person who serves the Lord today, whether I agree with them or not. At the time, I had been out of the organized church for eight years and was experiencing my first taste of organic body life during that time.

Also: none of the references in the letter are to myself. Rather, they are to others who I knew at the time some of whom I still know today. In addition, I have rarely written to a ministry in this way. I still stand by the letter and hope it will challenge every ministry that holds large conferences and has fallen into tribal cliquishness — only giving a platform to the same voices year after year.

One final point. Right or wrong, I ascribe this decline in numbers and impact to some of the points I made in the letter, particularly point 3. So, rather than keeping quiet until this is up to my quality standards, I am going to mail it to you anyway with some hesitation. I welcome requests for clarification and expansion where I have been, well, ambiguous though that adjective is much too kind.

About a year ago, a friend subscribed me to your journal. While there are many things that I can applaud about your ministry, I have several concerns coupled with some suggestions. My chief burden can be summed up in the following points: 1. To be frank, I am afraid that your ministry is presently quite limited in its scope, and I fear that it will continue to be so. Of the past, T. I submit that any spiritual person who becomes familiar with his writings will attest that the recovery of Divine truth rose to an unscaled plateau in the ministry of this brother.

Regrettably, I do not see the depth of insight and spiritual supply that has been recovered by this brother represented in your ministry at this time. Accordingly, if we will move forward in the purpose of God, it is imperative that we receive that which the Lord has already recovered, lest we suffer loss and lose our vision. In addition to the rich spiritual ministry deposited by Austin-Sparks, there are some who in our time are bearing the same prophetic testimony.

Albeit, they, through the Spirit, are cutting deeper channels. In short, if we relegate ourselves to hearing God speak through one section of the Body of Christ, it will be to our own peril and loss.

You have often stressed that the apostolic ministry will be restored at the end of this age. I concur with this notion, but have several grave concerns about how you define apostolic ministry and the implications that are bound up with it. Consequently, it has been my observation that very few believers today understand what a Biblical apostle is and would probably not recognize one if they had met one.

The problem today is that true apostles hide themselves while false apostles hustle themselves, and I fear that this will continue to be the case as the age closes. Hence, it is my heart burden that those of us who discuss apostolic ministry are very clear regarding the problems that are germane to it.

Stated simply, the recognition of our need for apostolic ministry should be most open, the support for apostolic ministry should be most generous, but the declaration of apostolic calling should be most cautious.

According to the New Testament, apostles are preeminently a spiritual function, not an institutional office. But that is another topic altogether, so I will leave it there. In relation to the matter of apostolic restoration, I have another concern. I believe that a true recovery of apostolic ministry necessitates a true unveiling of the purpose and meaning of the local expression of the Body of Christ, i. The pressing question, then, is — if we are to have the new wine, then what about the new wineskin?

The truth is that God has and is recovering this Biblical accent necessary for the renewal that God is after, yet many in the Body are unaware of it. I believe there is good reason for this, but it has received little attention among most evangelicals today. In this connection, it seems to me that you continue to invite the same people to speak at your conferences year after year.

Consequently, I do not see a genuine fleshing out of your vision for MorningStar, i. I think the next conference that you are hosting in October, Wineskins For the Last Days, reflects my concern.

By contrast, virtually all of the usual speakers would again be present. In closing, I want to thank you for your time in considering these matters. Please understand that what I have said above reflects that which I believe the Lord has burdened me with for the benefit of MorningStar and yourself. If you would like me to elaborate on any point made in this letter, feel free to contact me. Yours in the costly but glorious quest, Frank.


An Open Letter to Rick Joyner


NBR NM 213-1 PDF

Una Vision Profetica Siglo 21 = A Prophetic Vision for the 21st Century


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