Divinely sent to the nations of the world to be unto them "a universal sacrament of salvation," 1 the Church, driven by the inner necessity of her own catholicity, and obeying the mandate of her Founder cf. Mark , strives ever to proclaim the Gospel to all men. The Apostles themselves, on whom the Church was founded, following in the footsteps of Christ, "preached the word of truth and begot churches. In the present state of affairs, out of which there is arising a new situation for mankind, the Church, being the salt of the earth and the light of the world cf. The pilgrim Church is missionary by her very nature, since it is from the mission of the Son and the mission of the Holy Spirit that she draws her origin, in accordance with the decree of God the Father. Thus He who created all things may at last be "all in all" 1 Cor.

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Kazizuru This page was last edited on 25 Novemberat The chief means of the planting referred to is the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For by manifesting Christ the Church reveals to men the real truth about their condition and their whole calling, since Christ is the source and model of that redeemed humanity, imbued with brotherly love, sincerity diivinitus a peaceful spirit, to which they all aspire.

Furthermore, there is need of the ministry of the word, so that the Gospel may reach all. Worthy of special mention are the various projects for causing the contemplative life to take root. Since He is God, all divine fullness dwells bodily in Him Gal. On the basis of trust built through love, all Catholics reach out as missionaries and confidently announce the Good News of Christ with words and deeds.

In this missionary activity of the Church various stages sometimes are found side by side: By a truly Christian life, families become seedbeds of the lay apostolate and of vocations to the priesthood and the Religious life. Then, when the sacraments of Christian initiation have freed them from the power of darkness cf. For he dwelt among us, who by nature is the Son of God; and therefore in his Spirit we cry out: Moreover, the churches should gratefully acknowledge the noble work being done by auxiliary catechists, whose help they will need.

E2E X5Y1 PDF Diginitus applaud all that is good in the idea of the global community, which in its highest form represents a desire for peace and community throughout the world. The Father sent him into the world as an outpouring of love. Doubtless, the Holy Spirit was already at work in the world before Christ was glorified. There are many ways to accomplish this: Finally, by means of this missionary activity, God is fully glorified, provided that men fully and consciously accept His work of salvation, which He has accomplished in Christ.

Some should be more thoroughly prepared in missiological institutes or in other faculties or universities, so that they may be able to discharge special duties more effectively 12 and be a help, by their learning, to other missionaries in carrying on the mission work, which especially in our time presents so many difficulties and opportunities.

Mission and the Global Community In some ways, modern technology and media have drawn the whole world together. Let families flourish which are imbued with the spirit of the Gospel 13 and let them be assisted by good schools; let associations and groups be organized by means of which the lay apostolate will be able to permeate the whole of society with the spirit of the Gospel.

Ad Gentes Decree on the Mission Activity of the Church It encourages missionaries to live with the people they are attempting to convert, to absorb their ways and culture.

The Gospel has gentee been a leaven of liberty and progress in human history, even in the temporal sphere, and always proves itself a leaven of brotherhood, of unity and of peace. He wants to show all people his love and mercy. Then the episcopal conference and the institutes in joint deliberation wd lay down norms governing the relations between local Ordinaries and the institutes.

Episcopal conferences should take common counsel to deal with weightier questions and urgent problems, without however neglecting local differences. Professors in seminaries and universities will teach young people the true state of the world and of the Church, so that the necessity of a more intense evangelization of non — Christians will become clear to them and will nurture their zeal.

Teaching Resources Gdntes tremendous number gentee resources exist for educating about our common vocation for mission: But even though this entire training program is imbued with pastoral solicitude, a special and organized apostolic training ought to be given, by means of both teaching and practical exercises. Ad gentes — Wikipedia Now since men are more and more banding together into associations, it is very fitting that episcopal conferences should form a common plan concerning the dialogue to be held with such associations.

In him, and only in him, are we set free from all alienation and doubt, from slavery to the power of sin and death. And so, it is to be hoped that episcopal conferences within the limits of each major socio — cultural territory will divinitux coordinate their efforts that they may be able to pursue this proposal of adaptation with one mind and with a common plan.

Apply to modern ideas the deep sense of mission of the Fathers of the Church in all courses of Patristic studies. Foster mission studies on campuses across the country. There are many rich opportunities to teach about mission in the parish: We bishops pray that all who are united with us in the apostolic mission of teaching share our fervent desire that the spirit of mission ad gentes —to the nations—will be renewed in our Church.

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Mark , strives ever to proclaim the Gospel to all men. Principles of Doctrine [ edit ] "The pilgrim Church is missionary by her very nature, since it is from the mission of the Son and the mission of the Holy Spirit that she draws her origin, in accordance with the decree of God the Father. To preach this Gospel the Lord sent forth His disciples into the whole world, that being reborn by the word of God cf. Acts " 6 "And so the time for missionary activity extends between the first coming of the Lord and the second, in which latter the Church will be gathered from the four winds like a harvest into the kingdom of God. For the Gospel must be preached to all nations before the Lord shall come cf. Mark Mission Work Itself [ edit ] "The Church, sent by Christ to reveal and to communicate the love of God to all men and nations, is aware that there still remains a gigantic missionary task for her to accomplish.


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