These are arranged into Vs, providing links to the outer ring at the four cardinal points. However, the H seems to be well designed and uses the traditional elastic technology properly, proving highly effective in practice. During my time with the microphone the system worked faultlessly, never becoming loose or rattly. It looks smart, sounds good, is versatile enough to work well in the studio or on stage, and represents excellent value for money.

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Due to the savings, I thought it would be a good time to purchase the mic for my small home studio. The AKG C B large diaphram studio condensor microphone is a fine performer for the natural reproduction of both vocals and musical instruments during recording. My particular recording interests are mainly for vocals and acoustic guitar. I wanted one microphone that was suitable for both, as well as, overhead use. The broad frequency response, 20 hz to 20 khz , combined with the capability for frequency contouring and cardioid capture pattern are desirable for the various possible recording situations that may arise in the studio.

The microphone may actually be configured for cardioid and hypercardioid patterns and has a 10 db pad to accommodate louder sources. The supplied internal shock mount protects the element from rumbles and vibrations within the source room. Another desirable feature of the C B is the ease in placing the mic in the "sweet spot" of a musical instrument.

Some condensors do not provide a pleasant spatial image unless placed and angled just right. The AKG mic seems to provide a larger capture area with regard to a desirable spatial tonality.

This feature has another important secondary effect. It provides a comfortable distance from the performer, especially an instrumentalist. A comfort zone is maintained, allowing the musician to record without feeling restricted. If a musician is more comfortable during a long recording session, better results may be attained.

The diaphram is gold vaporized in a 27 mm capsule. The versatility of the microphone makes it a fine choice for the variable recording applications that may be presented in a studio environment.

Building that exudes seriousness, comes with a plastic hanger with no hyper-beefy cons. My use of the microphone: vocals and guitar folk taken. Not enough money at the time to pay me a , I was pulled over the CB! I must admit it was a mistake, so these two mics have nothing to do with each other!

This mic is quite aggressive in the midrange-treble, and suddenly it does not suit all the voices, the voices that said "no nose" accommodate them pretty good. The same applies to decision-folk guitar, too "hard" for my taste. In contrast, classical guitars pierce the mix with this microphone.

But, I continue to use it, however, because with experience, I learned to know him and I know his tinkering with the EQ.

It always makes me service. A true "workhorse" as they say in English! Not suitable for all voices: Not for a voice which is fundamental between and Hz, one falls into the hollow of the micro, bright and sibilant harmonics between 3 and 4 kHz, Submitted will be too more than 20dB of cart. Ideal complment in a micro tape. Excellent for an acoustic guitar or making room amp. Trs good rendering overhead drum. Trs good quality workmanship. I do not use the battery for now, both live in the studio.

It was my first static. This mic is a little too bright for voice but for the amps it is very good and very strong. Nine for the same price you can do better in terms of sound quality but not in terms of reliability in my opinion. In the "more" micro fairly versatile, affordable. The "least" a little aggressive, even nasty. This can make some voices, I love hi-hats on when I want very aggressive and nasty dirty. I can not make it sound "soft" except with preamps like Avalon I keep it so when I want, without EQ, obteir sound very sharp.

And then he wonders. For a crooner voice on the other hand, do not dream Unbeatable value for money of course. Stereo is the best! My micro park grows, grows, and the C always a special place in my shots, my phylosophy of making sound is most often designed around the grain of the C Obviously, the sooner the better!

I find him a good sound quality and I trs is a voice "nose", I find that micro attnue just this purpose. He has little breath, and even if I am not an expert in studio microphones, I do not take risks, saying that it is a good choice for trs that can not afford a Neumann Discoverable between and euros in France I think , I for my part, bought for euro in Andorra with his suspension and pop filter. Did you find this review helpful?

It has a sound cohrence compared Chinese microphone or other cheap microphones that have falsely His faithful enough dsquilibr. The austria and germany are specialists and forerunners inventors Studio microphones, not Chinese. Compared to the price and Sound, I put 7.

If you want better, you have to see levs see more models. For low frequencies, it must be able to produce the entenders.


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