Erythroid hyperplasia of the bone marrow Specific investigations Treatment[ edit ] Plentiful literature exists regarding the treatment of AIHA. Efficacy of treatment depends on the correct diagnosis of either warm- or cold-type AIHA. Warm-type AIHA is usually a more insidious disease, not treatable by simply removing the underlying cause. Corticosteroids are first-line therapy.

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La Habana, Cuba. ABSTRACT The treatment of autoimmune hemolytic anemias AIHA is based on the individual clinical evaluation, immunochemical characteristics of the involved antibodies and the absence or presence of an underlying condition. The treatment of AIHAs varies according to its immunohematological classification. After the initial remission, the doses should be reduced slowly, until the required maintenance level is reached; steroid-dependent or steroid resistant patients often require splenectomy or treatment with Rituximab anti CD20 monoclonal antibody and with less frequency, immunosuppressive drugs as azathioprine or cyclophosphamide.

Patients with cold AIHA agglutinins cAHAI are resistant to steroids and splenectomy; patients with asymptomatic or stable anemia do not require treatment. Rituximab is the most effective treatment for symptomatic cases, although immunosuppressants such as cyclophosphamide and chlorambucil could be used.

Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria do not usually require treatment. Drug induced AIHAs usually respond to discontinuing the offending drug and steroids treatment. Transfusion should be avoided in AIHAs, except in life threatening situations; if it is required, small volumes of erytrhocyte concentrates should be administered, slowly, in cAIHA; the blood should be prewarmed at C. Los pilares de la terapia inicial de la AHAI por anticuerpos calientes son el tratamiento de la enfermedad subyacente, si existe, y el uso de esteroides.

Los pacientes refractarios al tratamiento inicial con esteroides deben evaluarse para determinar la existencia de una enfermedad subyacente. Una vez obtenida la respuesta debe reducirse la dosis progresivamente. Las dosis mayores no han mostrado una mayor eficacia. Los dos restantes se mantienen estables con tratamiento con inmunosupresores ciclofosfamida y clorambucil.

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