Sila per kattupaduthuvargal aanal sila per okka nenaipargal. It is not new in tamil history. Munnellam kadavul kulle idhupondra kama leelai seiyum padangal release aagi periya impact erpaduthiyathu. So, when it comes to kamakathaigal, it is better not to go much with the concept but with the root what they are trying to do. Oru ponnu vayasuku vandha mulai valara aarambikum, adhe ponnu pundai mudiyum chinna thai irukum. But when the time pass on there are so many changes, idhu pondra sila thappana meaning kalla uravu solli kodukum kathai keele ulla link il ullathu, better you have to understand the things first rather searching for the entire meaning.

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