I could barely put it down and once things got rolling, I was glued to it and stayed up until I was finished. Sleeping husband even rolled over in his sleep to hug me. OMG I was wrecked. The emotion was building and building and then my anger turned to devastation.

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Looking down at his dark head, I watch him as he lifts my light cashmere sweater, exposing my flat stomach to him, and gently and carefully leans over to softly place a tender kiss on the same spot where three babies have grown and died.

This poignant moment, so full of love and hope, feels like a new beginning. A second chance for us. Clearing his throat, Ben comes out of his shock. We need to call Dr. Pajaree first thing tomorrow.

Get you an appointment with her as early as possible. You need to call Amy, too. Babe, shh. We will do whatever it takes to make it work. Moving away from his embrace, I kneel in front of him, and we stare at each other. As Ben watches me intensely his eyes sparkling with unshed tears, I see all the love he feels for me written in his face. I hope he can see the love I feel for him reflected in my eyes as well.

I love him so very much that it hurts. It will be okay, babe. He has no right to intrude in my thoughts right now. And I hate unknowns. We are going to be okay. God, I want this baby so bad. When the kiss ends, a flushed looking Ben pulls slightly away to look me in the eye, our bodies still glued to each other.

The smile I observe on his face is so big that I can see his dimples peeking at me, taunting me to kiss them. Planting a quick kiss on my nose, Ben gives me with that naughty look of his, the one that means he wants to get lucky. I love you, Cathy. Oh, hi. Yes, I am still here. Her long red hair is blown out to perfection in soft curls that seem like natural waves flowing down her back and over her shoulders. Dressed in a black suit and crisp white shirt, she is so gorgeous.

By the way, I hate you. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately, blondie? Pregnancy suits you, you know? Anyway, what are you thinking about? A constant fear that slowly and painfully gnaws my insides raw, yet, all I seem to be able to do is wish and pray. You are considered a high-risk pregnancy. According to the date when you had your last period, you are now five weeks pregnant. We need to be very cautious this early in your pregnancy.

So, yes, I need funny now. I need a lot of jokes. Is my teasing bothering you? You know I just do it to try and make you feel better. Ben and I got serious sometime around his birthday. How many years now? Six years married, but eleven together. But if I were married to your hunk of a husband, I would probably still be married. I mean, I remember how amazing he looked in swim trunks when we went to Turks and Caicos to celebrate your birthday. Cathy, no joke. He was built better than my gym instructor and my instructor was rocking a pretty lickable six-pack, just saying.

He only has eyes for me, or so he tells me every time some young intern hits on him. Hot and sweet. Every woman wants that, a man who looks at her as if she were the only woman in the room.

A week ago, I thought Ben and I were going through a very rough patch in our marriage, and then I took the pregnancy test that changed everything. The results brought hope into my life again, hope that we will be okay after all, hope that we can grow closer again, bridging the space between us, and hope that we will finally get a chance to have that family.

Yes, I may be scared shitless of the what ifs, but as I glance around the restaurant full of people, my hands go to my stomach. My body is not empty anymore. There is magic growing inside of me. There is life. No, reality slaps you across the face harshly, reminding you that a dream is just that…a dream.

But the logical voice inside my head, the cynical one, tells me to stop fooling myself. They just happen to be concealed by a blanket made of happy feelings at the moment. A blanket that allows me to ignore the nagging sentiment that not everything is as it should be. His clientele includes many people with famous last names, Hollywood A-listers, and members of the European Jet-Set.

Charles has also been featured in every magazine geared for high-end homeowners and the very, very wealthy. My name is Cathy Stanwood. I believe Mr. She looks to be no older than twenty. What a pleasure to finally meet you. I smile. Would you like to have a seat for a moment while I let him know that you are here?

Charles has been waiting for you. As my hands caress the smooth texture of the leather, my eyes spot a newspaper on the coffee table in front of me. I open it and go straight to Page six, the gossip column. I feel like the wind has been knocked out of my lungs. I stare at the headline of the article and the profligate beauty of the man whose face is plastered on the front of the page.

A defiant Arsen is looking directly at the camera as a sexy smirk plays around the corners of his lips. The picture shows Arsen, drunk and exiting an exclusive nightclub with a famous model wrapped around each arm, and a third one on his back, piggyback riding him. He looks like a kid in a candy store.

The hand of one of the girls is inside his pants, wrapped around his huge erection no doubt, and a thong is wrapped around his neck.

I know how his night ended. Disgusted by his behavior, and with myself for not being able to look away, I read the banner of the article.

Curiosity gets the best of me, so I read the article about him. According to the columnist, the photographers asked Arsen his secret to staying in such good shape. I close the newspaper and place it on the table as quickly as possible and stand up to extend my hand. What a lovely surprise. And please, call me Charles.


[PDF] Arsen: A Broken Love Story Book by Mia Asher Free Download (484 pages)

My feelings are just too all over the place. It basically seemed like the polar opposite of what I might love and truthfully, in a way, it was. So hear me out and see if maybe this book might be for you. I think every reader will just have to decide for themselves on this one. There was no way I was going into this one blind but all the insanely high ratings had my curiosity peaked. So, she told me everything and knowing those details pushed me over the edge and made me decided to give this book a shot.


Arsen – Uma Quebrada História de Amor – Mia Asher

Can you be physically ill from a broken heart? Because it hurts. So much. I feel dirty. But after today he will be free of me. He will be free of me once he knows the truth.

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