Complete flare system design, rating, and debottlenecking with Aspen Flare System Analyzer for optimal flare system analysis of projects. With Aspen Flare System Analyzer, complete a variety of flare system sizing projects. Complete flare system design, to generate new header systems. Complete flare system rating, to ensure existing flare header designs can accommodate changes to relief scenarios. Complete debottlenecking of existing systems in revamp projects.

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Those tips are part of a series to help you get the most out of your process safety tools. Expedite model creation by splitting the work. Divide an isometric among your team and have each person create their portion of the flare system independently.

Then, create a master file and import each case into the master. Connect the individual contributions and begin using the new flare system. This can expedite creating compositions of streams entering the file — especially when there are hypothetical components. It also speeds up PSV sources definition and scenarios. Customize pipe classes. Customizing your pipe class options will help reduce the time it takes to input new pipes and ensure consistency across users and companies.

With fewer alternatives to evaluate, this also expedites design and debottlenecking runs. Use your flare header and sub-header pipe specifications to select the appropriate schedule for pipe in your flare.

Customize the schedules depending on the type of steel. Use summary input, result forms and printing. Use the Format Flowsheet Ribbon to print or copy the flowsheet or create specific flowsheet views for easier navigation.

Create imaginary PSV pre-expansion pipes. Flare System Analyzer requires a piece of pipe after every source, even if the expansion is attached to the PSV as installed. We hope these tips will improve your use of Flare System Analyzer.


Flarenet User Manual

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Quantifying & Reducing Impacts of Global Gas Flaring


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