She gave me her permission to pass on the following details: Aubrey had been complaining about feeling unwell for the past 9 months and he attributed this to having an ulcer. Aubrey never liked going to the doctor and his wife kept telling him to have a check-up. He went to the doctor and Aubrey told him he thought he had an ulcer and the doctor just gave him medicine for ulcers without performing any tests. In the last few days, he had been complaining that his ulcer was getting worse and his wife suggested that maybe he had something else - but they never suspected a heart problem.

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Output to the ray tube about watts. In Aubrey Scoon passed away. His web site remained up on the web until the domain name expired last year. Since his web site is no longer available and is an important part of this chapter, including this report, we have included all of his information pertaining to his machine on this web site. We now know that it was not an original Beam Ray instrument built by Beam Ray Corporation but it is an exact replica of that instrument. It was originally for sale on www.

John Bedini and a group of men who had worked with John Crane for one and a half years considered purchasing it. After careful examination of the information available, at that time, they concluded that this instrument was not an original Beam Ray instrument built by the original Beam Ray Corporation.

They concluded that it was built later, perhaps, in the s by Dr. Verne Thompson eventually replaced Philip Hoyland as Dr. Had they used a spectrum analyzer there is a possibility that they may have figured out how this instrument really worked, but they did not. All of Dr. The method of generating the frequencies may have changed but all the frequencies used in Dr. Aubrey Scoon and a group of men from England purchased the above instrument believing it was an original Beam Ray Clinical instrument built by the Beam Ray Corporation.

The original Beam Ray Clinical instrument was known to be working on harmonics. Without really knowing it, they purchased a replica of the Beam Ray Clinical instrument. At that time no original instrument had been located. Because of this and the fact that we had no absolute concrete evidence that Dr.

A few years ago, before Aubrey passed away, I was communicating with him about this instrument. In the course of our communications, he told me that he believed he had used the wrong main output vacuum tube in the instrument when they worked on it. Because they believed they had used the wrong vacuum tube a vacuum tube the carrier frequency had parasitic oscillations that created harmonics.

He said that when they discovered this mistake they put what they believed was the proper tube vacuum tube in and most of the harmonics from the parasitic oscillations were gone. Aubrey Scoon mentions the change of this tube on his web site. But they did not change the photos of the waveforms so we do not know how much the waveform really changed. This much we do know all of the photos of the waveforms on his web site are of an instrument that has parasitic oscillations.

Using the wrong tube was a simple mistake that anyone could make but it led to a great deal of confusion causing many to believe, including myself, that this instrument was, an original Beam Ray Clinical instrument because of those parasitic oscillations. We believed these parasitic oscillations created the harmonics which the original Beam Ray Clinical instrument was supposed to be working on. At this time it confirmed to us that if the circuit was working correctly there would be no parasitic oscillations or harmonics from parasitic oscillations.

Nevertheless, this mistake does not change the fact that we now know that this instrument is a genuine Beam Ray machine replica. This proved to us that the parasitic oscillations are due to some other problem in the RF circuit of his machine. It was also determined that the a vacuum tube was the correct tube that should be used, not the vacuum tube. Low did not have any frequency list that came with it showing us what frequency band or dial settings should be used for the various microorganisms.

It is this list of frequencies that makes this instrument so important. We know from the previous documents that we have read in this report that Dr.

Rife had Verne Thompson rebuilding and repairing these instruments. We also read that Dr. Rife had Verne Thompson rebuilt Dr. Because Verne Thompson became Dr. We also know that Verne Thompson was making copies of Dr. This information is very important. The importance of this information will become very clear as we continue to look at this instrument and the AZ Beam Ray Clinical Replica instrument. When Aubrey Scoon first tested the instrument with the a vacuum tube not the vacuum tube he listed 3.

Knowing how parasitic oscillations in an RF carrier frequency could easily have shifted the carrier frequency 30, Hertz, it was thought that a 3. This assumption proved to be correct. It produces a fuzzy band. He experimented with hooking up wires with an ordinary radio speaker and produced a different musical note for each frequency. The large instrument [Beam Ray Clinical replica instrument] is a RF frequency generator which carriers wave oscillations at kilocycles [3.

Pre-auditory sound waves. Robert P. Rife, John Crane, and John Marsh made a replica of in , was set at 3. This also confirms that the a vacuum tube is the correct tube. It also confirms that the original reading done by Aubrey Scoon of the RF carrier frequency being at about 3. It was only slightly off due to the parasitic oscillations. He stated that they covered all the frequencies for the various organisms this instrument treated.

The frequency range of each of the four bands is as follows: Band 1: 20 Hertz to Hertz. Band 2: Hertz to Hertz. Band 3: Hertz to 20, Hertz. Band 4: 20, Hertz to , Hertz. This AZ instrument will be discussed in greater detail later in this report. It was these frequencies that John Crane and John Marsh lowered to get the audio frequencies they used in the AZ We will reconcile these frequencies in this chart to Dr.

Testing of this 3. It was this testing with the 3. Neither the 3. But when the 3. And one of these sideband frequencies will line up with the true Rife M.

To re-emphasize this so that no one misunderstands. If you just use the audio frequencies by themselves you will get nothing. If you use the 3. It is these audio frequencies when combined with the 3. It must be understood that these audio frequencies were not meant to treat these organisms.

The electronic components are almost identical to our original Beam Ray Clinical instrument. It used the same rectifier tubes two used along with the a vacuum tube one used. By design, we mean that this oscillator used an incandescent light bulb in the circuit patented by Hewlett-Packard which stabilized the audio oscillator frequencies and waveform which it output.

In the second photo, shown below, you can see the small incandescent light bulb. In when Beam Ray Corporation built this style of the instrument the Hewlett-Packard Wein Bridge audio oscillator was not invented yet.

It was invented in early and a patent was filed on July 11, The patent was granted on January 6, These RC audio oscillators were known to be very unstable and it was replaced in the original Beam Ray instrument that we have with the newer Hewlett-Packard design.

The audio oscillator section of the original Beam Ray Clinical instrument that we have has many extra holes in the chassis and shows that modifications were made to update this instrument to the newer Hewlett-Packard design. Aubrey Scoon in his evaluation of his Beam Ray replica instrument believed that his instrument was an original machine built by the Beam Ray Corporation. He was correct that it was an original design but he was wrong about the year it was built.

John Bedini was correct in his belief that it was not an original machine built by the Beam Ray Corporation. The fact that the Hewlett-Packard design patent was not issued until should have indicated to Aubrey Scoon that his instrument was built later than Rather than accept that the patent had not been filed until July of and issue until he believed that Hewlett-Packard had somehow allowed Beam Ray Corporation the right to use their design before they even filed a patent on it.

Of course, this does not make any sense since they could have lost any patent rights if they did this.

Just this information alone should have indicated that this machine was not an original machine built-in If it had been built in or then it would have had the original RC resistor-capacitor design which would have been replaced. It would have also shown obvious signs of the necessary changes needed to update the old style RC audio oscillator to the newer Hewlett-Packard design which it has now. The next photo, shown below, shows the underside of the audio oscillator of the original Beam Ray machine obtained from Dr.

You will notice many small holes including two larger old vacuum tube holes empty and without any vacuum tube sockets in its chassis. Just this fact alone puts the building of his instrument after the original Beam Ray Corporation shut down in In his discovery work, he found that the audio oscillator that was used in the construction of this instrument was the EICO The only thing that was left out was the double pole double throw switch that allowed for switching between square and sine waves.

In addition to what Roger Blain discovered another discovery has been made. This new information also firmly puts its construction date in or later instead of the date Aubrey Scoon gives in his report. The other three photos are of the EICO You will notice on the two faceplates that the screw holes along with all switches, knobs and sockets perfectly line up.

Below are three more photos.


Aubrey Scoon's website - Royal Rife Research - Europe

Main frequency Dial Adjustment The center control is the main modulation frequency dial. This is calibrated in one step units from Modulation Amplitude Control Dial The right hand control is the modulation depth control. It varies the modulation applied to the grid of the output triode from 0 to 50 V p-p. Treatment Settings The machine came with some old diary pages with a series of treatment settings scribbled on them.



A story involving electronics, blackmail, intimidation, government conspiracies, arson, vandalism, theft, bribery and murder! The growing migration to "alternative" therapies underlines this all too well. Nowadays an increasing number of people are turning to all kinds of seemingly strange therapies where the efficiencies of traditional medicine are all too obvious. One area that has seen a revival in recent years is electrotherapy - the idea that disease can be cured through the application of electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields. There are numerous weird and wonderful devices both on the market and in use today. Some are described in this article, but also, as will become clear, this is far from a new area and is simply a continuation of a trend that started in the late s.



Astonishingly, after treatment the subjects showed a 5 to 7 point increases in IQ score. This happens most often in leukaemia or lymphoma. For example a specific Rife device might have its own section on the Rife Forum where you can discuss it with other users. This test measures your compatibility with more than abrey throughout various sectors. Not even the s AZ replica was accepted either.


In Memory of Aubrey Scoon - Royal Rife Research - Europe

Yozshurg To verify if electro-magnetic energy does have at least some effect, a very limited in scope and simple research project is being conducted by a group of engineering volunteers, on a hobby-basis — and is limited to finding if the EME can prevent mold mould formation on a piece of untreated bread. GPA for the dcoon students continued to rise even after treatment was discontinued! Thus a cold is several steps that the body takes to trap and flush out inappropriate microbes from the body. I took one container and exposed it too a rangeof different anti-mould frequencies of the magnetic pulser.

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