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In order to service its customers, Western makes extensive use of technology, including an automated sorting system and a robust data website.

Trade Name Registration A trade name, also known as a trading name or a business name, is the name which a business trades under for commercial purposes, although its registered, legal name, used for contracts and other formal situations, may be another.

The Client could then use their Business Trade Name on product labels and marketing materials. The Bioterrorism Act requires domestic and foreign facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold food for human or animal consumption in the U. A certificate of label approval authorizes the certificate holder to bottle and import alcohol beverages that bear labels identical to those shown on the certificate of label approval.

Labels are an important source of information for consumers. These regulations vary from state to state. There are many rules and regulations that concern alcohol across the United States. Whether it involves when and where alcohol may be sold or who may consume.

It is vital to understand and remain consistently compliant with all laws and regulations. BGI will handle all licenses, registrations, reporting, needed to do business in all States. The purchase by any licensed distributor of any alcoholic beverage without registration is prohibited. The prices posted are the selling wholesale prices. The reports include a complete list of all product transactions per month. All reports and applicable tax payments are submitted monthly.

The Excise Tax is imposed per gallon on all alcoholic beverages that are brought into that particular State. Logistics Coordination All the logistics to get your product from your warehouse to final US destination port, distributor or warehouse.

Distributor Invoicing Upon shipment of product an invoice is issued to Distributor with terms agreed upon. BGI will follow up to maintaining successful supplier relationships while optimizing your cash flow. Inventory Management BGI can set up warehousing in the US as an extension of producers facilities, send monthly activity reports and sales bills of lading.


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