We are not Romeo and Juliet. We are Caesar and Cleopatra. Our coupling has consequences, peoples lives will be changed. This has been an excellent erotic trilogy a little darker and a quite a little different from the rest.

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The last line was delivered as a joke. Tell me if Costin gives you any problems. Or Freeland for that matter. I sit back in my chair. None of the managers there are. Tell me, did you call meetings with each of your departments yet?

People often worry about recommending layoffs or the dismantling or reorganization of entire departments. We carry around dead weight out of sentimentality and attachment to old ideas. If you were sentimental, you would have asked Dave for a diamond.

You would have pictures on your desk. The things this man likes about me. Like a president in his final term, you forged ahead without feeling the need to weigh the political consequences.

There will be casualties. Jobs will be lost, but in the end that firm will owe us both a debt of thanks. Costin had been sentimental about Tom. Maybe that sentimentality provided cover for a weakness. A lack of creativity, an inability to see the full picture. We finish our meal slowly, ending it with tastes of bitter chocolate and fruity sorbet. Each course had been small but so perfect. The chefs clean up as we finish off the bottle of champagne. In the end Robert thanks them, pays them, and sends them on their way.

I feel lightheaded. I take his hand, bring his palm to my mouth, and place a kiss there. I hold on to his hand, lead him down the stairs to the bedroom.

He watches me as I release him, as I walk around to the other side of the bed. I let my own eyes travel the length of him. His broad shoulders, his powerful arms, the perfect predator. The maned wolf. Your generosity, your savagery, your romance and your pragmatism, even your ruthless ambition.

But then my tone grows serious. You say you want to be inside my power? Take it. Then comes his belt. I press the velvet of my dress against his bare skin. I run my fingers through his short hair, pull him into a kiss as his hands move to the small of my back. I feel him grow hard against me.

I pull away, cup his cheek in my palm before taking another small step back so I can look at him again, at my leisure. I take his cock in my palm, move my hand up and down until it colors with excitement. He smiles again but this time the melancholy is gone. I let go, raise my hands to his shoulders, and then give him a gentle push, which he gives in to, falling back on the bed. I let my tongue outline the head of his penis, teasing the nerve endings until he moans.

My tongue then travels down the length of him slowly, one centimeter at a time as his agitation mounts. My fingers gently stroke the delicate flesh at the base as my mouth continues its journey down and then finally back up again at the same torturous pace before steadily increasing my speed.

He moans again, though this time the sound is more guttural, animalistic. When he starts to shake I stop and rise to my feet. He immediately sits up and reaches for me, but I stay just out of his grasp. Not yet. And as always I give in to it completely. I wrap my arms around him, feel him as he reaches further into my depths than any other man ever has.

And then something happens; he moves a lock of hair from my face, looks into my eyes as he moves inside of me. Gently, delicately, he traces the line of my mouth with his fingers. I put my hand on his chest and feel the beat of his turmoil.

When he drags my leg over his shoulder and thrusts inside of me, even deeper now, the intensity is off the chart. He bites down on my shoulder as my hips rise to meet him. I smell his sweat, the scent of our mingled desire. Suddenly he stops and flips me over on my stomach. I spread my legs expectantly but he pulls away. With my legs in the air I feel weightless, grounded only by him. My fingernails scrape the tangled bedsheets as I try to find something to keep me from floating away in a wave of ecstasy as the second orgasm overtakes me.


Binding Agreement by Kyra Davis



Binding Agreement



Kyra Davis


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