Dotaur It had totally aww moments that left me smiling and giggling like a girl. I bought it on Amazon. Rain Shadow Book 2. It caught my interest. These are all books that involve romance and when romance is done correctly, without being overdone, it gets a zero, hence Angelfall. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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I mean come on, Zed brought Jessie a kitten. Both of them have their perks and their faults which makes this the perfect kind of love triangle. You can actually see why Jessie would be torn between the two of them. Unfortunately the characters themselves do not exactly treat it as a love triangle, all of them deep down seem to know exactly who belongs with whom which takes a little away from it in my opinion.

I really enjoyed the characters in this story and the way in which they interacted with one another, particularly the relationship between Zedekiah Crush and his great-great-grandson and the one between Zedekiah and Jessie. Noticing a trend here? So it is a GOOD read. You will find yourself getting caught up in this story. Happy reading! The story is about the town of Bitterroot Crossing and the legends living on through descendants of the original families but also the ghosts of a notorious gang that caused mayhem for the town a hundred years ago.

Nick, descendant of Zedekiah Crush, has a second name that has his whole town drawing preconceptions of him. She has to deal with misplaced affections from Zedekiah and stirring feelings for Nick. All the while, her sudden presence in the town has caused the other ghostly members of the Crush gang to step up their game and bring even more mayhem than usual for the town. This is the first ghost story I have read.

And while it does have its own gang of ghosts, it is primarily a love story. I think it really helps to build the male character more as usually books are written from the female perspective of the hero.

I also thought it was really useful here as there were more than one love interest for Jessie here and it was good to see her conflicting emotions for the two characters.

As I said already I chose this specifically because it was way at the other end of the scale genre-wise from Freefall but also because it was a ghost story. It was really easy to imagine Zedekiah as a real person, or rather how he would have been in his earlier life. This is a fun, romantic YA read with a bit of a twist. Tess Oliver First let me say that I love a good ghost story when there is a twist.

Bitterroot Crossing is all of that and more. I was so intrigued with the storyline that I finished the book in one setting. After their deaths their bodies were paraded around town and eventually thrown carelessly Loved, loved, loved this book! The great-great granddaughter of Rebecca, Jessie Sterling has been keeping a low profile by being home schooled by her mother.

However, when her mother passes away, she is forced to attend high school for the first time. Rumors have been flying about Jessie being a horribly disfigured freak when in fact she has a slight limp, one of the most beautiful souls and faces anyone could wish for. On her first day at school her beauty does not go unnoticed by bad boy, Nick Crush, great-great-grandson of the infamous Zedekiah.

He is instantly intrigued by her as well as his bitch weasel girlfriend, her fan club and not to mention the ghost of Zedekiah and his gang. The pairing of Nick and Jessie will cause more calamities and problems than the townspeople of Bitterroot Crossing could ever dream of. I jeered at the vile bad guys, laughed at the dialogues, and marveled at the purity of spirit found within Jessie. She puts a new meaning on the adage catching flies with honey. I love a good story where the underdog comes out on top and this book provides that in spades.

To be fair, I am a staunch fan of Tess Oliver; however, I think she would even say that I am objective in my reviews. So with that being said, pick up this book because it is truly amazing.

This was a fun read, with some moments of real emotion, but mostly just kind of wacky for me. The writing is lovely, the descriptions of the mountain where Jessie and her grandmother live are poetic and sweet, as is the character of Jessie herself.

Every one of her books only read 3, I guess, but still are so different from the other. I bet she had fun writing this, I had sure fun reading it.


Bitterroot Crossing






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