I figured we should try everything before you had to take the wards down. It would take an instant to call off the wards. All she had to do was say the words and they would see Victoria immediately. She had made her decision, but now that the time to act was coming upon her, she was starting to have doubts. Should she risk the safety of the entire Coven for the life of one vampire?

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What did they want with the girl? Was this what the priest was worried about? What Ghedi had not wanted to tell them until they were "safe"? They found the dried riverbed, a scarlet, sandy ribbon of patched, scorched earth that led to a dark underground cavern. Just as Schuyler had described, the cavern was covered in moss and half sunken into the earth.

Jack kicked away at the shrubbery blocking the entrance and led the way down. He picked up a stick and lit it with the blue flame. The cave was dark and smelled of mold. Was this the entrance to the Gate of Promise? Schuyler could feel a foul, putrid menace in the air as they inched their way down, taking careful steps into the murky blackness. The Red Bloods seem to have a knack for naming things without knowing their true significance.

But obviously they sensed something here," she said. She looked around the dark enclosure. Down there, she was surprised to find that the heavy feeling of doom had abated somewhat, replaced by a lonesome melancholy. She walked forward in the darkness, and the feeling grew stronger.

The cave was littered with the usual teenage detritus: crushed cigarette butts and empty beer bottles. You feel it too? Schuyler asked. What is it? Then she knew. No, this is a mere vapor, a distraction. A cunning illusion. Hellsmouth was nothing but a haunted house, something to scare away the local populace, a distraction from the real menace.

They brought peace and art and light to the world. They are a highly civilized people. They built temples and monuments, cities of gold that rise to the heavens," she said, thinking of Paris and how beautiful it was. The second underneath one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in North America. A vampire would not build a gate in a hole in the ground, a crude cavern in the sand. How much did they know about the Petruvian Order after all? That first night, Ghedi had asked them to trust him--he had named Lawrence Van Alen as a friend, yet he had never met the man.

How much of his story was true? After their month of imprisonment as guests of the Countess, Schuyler chided herself for not being more careful. He shook his head. Your open heart is a gift. It led you to me, for instance. The Croatan have no use for Red Bloods. I doubt he has ever set foot in here. They tell the Red Bloods only as much as they need to know. It was a triglyph, a symbol in three parts. The third symbol was one Schuyler had never seen before: a sword piercing a star.

The Morningstar. Schuyler traced the outline of the triglyph with her fingertips. The symbol had a hypnotic, lulling effect, which was only broken by the sound of footsteps. The priest was breathing heavily when he reached them. We should go. Ghedi looked relieved, and they began their upward climb.

Hopefully it was a fever from exposure, and nothing else. The girl stirred and whimpered again. The priest crossed himself and knelt down next to her.

Schuyler held the girl in her arms and continued to soothe her. The boyfriend had driven her out of town and into the mountains. He had taken her straight into the forest. Then there was nothing.

Mist and vapor. The girl had woken to find herself bound in the cave. Jack cut off the bonds and helped the girl to her feet. Schuyler took her right shoulder. The girl staggered and swayed between them, then fell to a faint. The interlocking circles. The animal. It glowed in the dark like a beacon. Schuyler was focusing on sending a powerful compulsion to stop the priest when she was hit by an unexpected blow that sent her crashing against the stone walls.

It did not come from Ghedi, who looked momentarily confused. It came from someone or something else. She could not move, she could not speak, she was paralyzed in every sense. There were traces of dark magic in it, forbidden workings that made her bindings as solid as rock. In his other hand he held a torch burning with the Black Fire. Schuyler sent, finding her voice in the twilight even though she was still completely immobilized. Why are you doing this? Do you work for the Countess?

This is all for me. So it had come to this, Schuyler realized. We have money--we can pay you. Let me pay you for his life. Schuyler sent. Sorry, missy. The bounty hunter shuffled up toward Schuyler, and she could see his feral, drawn face hovering over hers.

Let her go," Jack declared in a calm, clear voice as he surrendered. Once Jack was secured, the vampire whispered a few words over the flame, which died down until the torch resembled nothing but a gray chunk of coal. He quickly tucked it into his back pocket. Ghedi looked uneasily at the renegade vampire, but once he understood that the vampire had no quarrel with him, his face became set as he prepared himself for the ugly task ahead. MariElena would die.

There was nothing Schuyler could do but scream. So Schuyler looked inward, into her soul and into the glom. Time did not exist in the same way in the inner universe. She opened her eyes to the murky waters of the twilight world, and felt the heavy constriction of the dark spell that held her captive. In the glom, her bindings manifested as a coil of snakes writhing around her skin.

She felt their scaly wetness wrap around her body, clutching her ever more tightly. They were all around, slithering against her waist, around her legs, slipping through her fingers. She could smell their oozy stink, and shivered to hear the rasp of their tongues. A stasis spell worked as part of the compulsion--mind control--essentially an order to make you believe you were trapped, which was why it was one of the most difficult factors to master.

You had to stop believing what was right in front of you. Schuyler focused on the snake nearest to her head. She could feel its cold reptile body working its way around her shoulders. She turned so she could face it eye to eye. It was a fearsome king cobra, its hood spread as it reared to attack. It bared its fangs and hissed. But before it could strike, Schuyler overcame her revulsion and reached down to grip it by its tail, and with one fluid motion, she pulled the snake away from her body and crushed its serpent head under her heel.

That was all Jack needed.


Misguided Angel (Blue Bloods #5)(15) by Melissa de la Cruz

What did they want with the girl? Was this what the priest was worried about? What Ghedi had not wanted to tell them until they were "safe"? They found the dried riverbed, a scarlet, sandy ribbon of patched, scorched earth that led to a dark underground cavern.


Misguided Angel

Mar 12, Ginny rated it it was ok This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The flashbacks are getting more and more confusing. First of all, the author seems to get bored having to type out their full names. Andreas becomes Dre.



Deming is a Venator who is known for her skills. Misguided Angel — Melissa de la Cruz How to write a great review. It was about a video. However, that happens when you are used to having everything you want. Melissa de la Cruz. Destined Book 4 in the Vampire Journals.

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