Enter the 3-digit number. Brothr A Fax Receiving a Fax Printing a Reduced Incoming Document Auto Reduction If you choose ON, the machine reduces an incoming document automatically, so that it fits on one page of A4 recording paper, regardless of the size of the original document. Wsw45 Speeding Up Scanning-2 The ring volume can be turned off for silent reception if required. Page 89 Brither best performance, use only genuine Brother toner, and the product should be used only in a clean, dust-free environment with adequate ventilation.

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DO NOT use cardboard, newspaper, or fabric. Enter the fax number you want t[ Select a place that is free of vibration and shocks. Locate the machine near a telephone wall socket and a standard earthed electrical socket, gr[ The length of time that the documents are stored [ While the simplest arrangement is straightforward parallel connection, there[ If it hears them, the machine takes over the call and r[ The message sets up the ways to handle both manual and automatic fax reception.

You will still be able to print until the Indicat[ Options You can quickly and easily select temporary settings f[ When you enter the Menu Mode, the machine displays a list of Level One Menus from which you can choose.

These menu options appear one after the other on the d[ FAX Continued 2. FAX Continued 5. In the event of a power failure, the machine maintains date and time information for several hours. The ring volume can be turned off for silent reception if required. Your fax can be connected to most types of PABX. The recall facility on the machine supports timed break re[ When you set Toner Save to ON , print appears somewhat lighter.

The default setting is OFF. Sleep Mode Setting the Sleep Mode reduces power consumption by turning[ See Broadcasting , page Even if you lose electrical power, numbers stored in memory will not be lost. Use DARK to send a dark document. After sending the document the contrast setting is set to AUTO suitable for most documents [ You will need to c[ Select this mode by pressing Mode key.

Just hold the handset of an external or extension telephone and wait for several se[ After you connect the optional lower tray, you can turn on Automatic Reducti[ Please put some paper in the paper tray. You can dial numbers, by using One Touch or Speed Dial memory, Search function or using the dial pad.

Manual Dialling with an External T[ If you have touch tone service, you do not need this feature to send tone signals. For initial setup: Press Menu , 2 , 4 , 1. Customizing the Transmission Verification Xmit Repo[ To Print a Report 1 Press Reports.

For example, press 1 to print the Help List. Lists basic operational steps and functions. Lists names and numbers [ Your cover page includes the name stored in the One Touch or Speed Dial memory, if you have used this feature to start the call.

The cover page indicates the fax is from yo[ See Setting the Station ID , page This feature does not work without the Station ID. You can set the machine to send a cover page whenever you send a fax. The number of pages in your fax is not included when you use this setting. This mode makes the machine work better for such calls. After you send a fax using this feature, the feature turns itself off. Using the Broadcast key, you can include up to 32 One Touch locations, up to Speed Dial locations, and up to 50 manually dialled numbers maximum of locations if you did not use up any locations for Groups, access co[ This is called Broadcasting.

First , you will need to store each fax number as a One Touch or Speed Dial number. Checking and Cancelling a Scheduled Job in Memory You can check or cancel a job that is waiting in memory. If the machine is idle, 1 Press Menu ,[ The screen prompts you to re-enter the password. The screen prompts you to enter the password.

This is the same as the security password of the machine already stored. An extension phone is another phone[ The preset Activation Code is 5 1. The preset Deactivation Code is 5 1. See Polling Transmit , page Secure Polling Secure P[ For example, enter [ The screen displa[ The screen will indicate when you have a fax stored in memory. Changing the Remote Access Code Enter your Remote Access Code when the machine picks up your call, so you can access features remotely.

The access code is preset to 1 5 9 , but you can change this. When you call the machine and enter your Remote Access Code the factory setting is 1 5 9 , the system will signal you with two short beeps to enter a remote control command.

The scannable area of the machine begins at approximately 4 mm from the edge of the paper. Select the right kind of image you are copying. For the best print quality, select the type of media that you are using. See Acceptable Paper , page The default setting is AUTO , which is used for originals that contain both text and photographs.

TEXT is used for originals containing only text. PHOTO is used for copying photographs.


Brother FAX-8360P Télécopieur

We are pleased with the basic functionality and speed of the machine. Page Turn Fax Forwarding on press 2. Wsw10 Protocol Definition The recall facility on the machine supports timed break recall only BrotuerPBXS normally can work with this for gaining access to an outside line, or for transferring a call to another extension: To prevent the possibility of transparencies smudging as they stack in the output bin, remove each transparency after it exits. Page 89 For best performance, use only genuine Brother toner, and the product should be used only in a clean, dust-free environment with adequate ventilation. Press down the paper to flatten it in the paper tray. After the beep, hang up and wait.


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