When I responded enthusiastically and in the affirmative , James seemed to think I was being facetious. His reponse to my apparent excitement at shooting this glorious flop of a camera? His assumption was based firmly in reality. Even among the Canon-loyal, the Canon T80 does not have a good reputation.

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The picture-taking mode can be selected with the pictographs on the external LCD panel. You can select to shot either in One Shot AF, Servo or reverting back to use manual focus on each of the AC lens, there is a setting for you to alter any of this shooting preference. Lenses for autofocusing with the T80 were called AC lenses.

These lenses had the FD mount and signal transmission capability. The T80 has all the features available in the mulltimode T70 and more.

A total of 5 programmed modes for different shooting situations. The modes are represented by instantly recognizable LCD "pictographs" Icons on the top panel. Film transport, from loading to rewind, is fully automatic.

The LCD provides selection of the five programmed modes in Icon as well as selection of number to represent the five modes. Near to far, appears in sharp focus. Give emphasize to portraiture kind of photography. An ideal programmed setting for portraiture. It freezes action with a permissible higher speed with the lens used. An ideal sports or action preferred priority mode. Slow shutter speed, when combined with panning technique can generate a great sense of movement. It blurs either the subject or the background.

These are sufficient to cater for most general needs. It leaves to the camera to provide and select the most appropriate selection of shutter speed and aperture combination. And to make photography even easier, the T80 offers autofocus with three special lenses with AC motor incorporated for autofocus function with the T A new series of dedicated autofocus lenses has been developed for the purpose.

They include two handy zooms and a standard lens. AC Series autofocus lenses are compact and provide superb handling and performance. Several dedicated accessories are available for use with the T However, since there are some compatibility issues between the A series and the T series bodies, you need to identify the correct compatibility between the two series if you are looking for accessories in the used market. Warning: The T featured here For that matter, all A and T series models apply as well uses the FD mount and thus is not compatible with the many current autofocus EOS mount optics or accessories.


Canon T80 - What is it worth?

Autofocus[ edit ] The autofocus system in the T80 works in the same manner as the focus assist system built into the earlier AL A linear CCD is used to detect contrast in the focus area. When this area has the maximum contrast, the lens is in focus. This is a similar mechanism to that used in compact digital cameras. When a manual focus lens is used, the camera provides focus assistance in exactly the same manner as the AL Auto exposure and scene modes[ edit ] Except for its autofocus capability, the T80 is very similar to the earlier T70 , with four programmed scene modes in addition to regular Program auto-exposure AE. These are: Deep Focus — the camera chooses a narrow aperture in order to get more depth of field.



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