By Alexandria Clearwater July 5th, Exercise Programming Different approaches to strength training can facilitate different body responses, especially when taking a closer look at hormone levels. The first origins of inspiration for this method were sourced from Hala Rambie. Rambie found that when blood lactate levels were elevated more HGH was produced. More HGH means greater fat loss and muscle tissue development. The What of GBC Simply put, GBC is a method of lifting that employs pairs of varying compound exercises at high intensity and short rest periods with the objective of stimulating muscle growth while minimizing the negative effects of lactic acid accumulation.

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Pin Many trainees approach weight loss with the idea that you have to spend countless hours performing aerobics that compromise your hard-earned muscle. A native of Ottawa, Ontario, in Canada, Poliquin has developed conditioning programs for more than Olympians and countless professional hockey, baseball, football and basketball players. CP: Absolutely. CP: I just tell them to look at my results.

KG: Why should someone choose your book over any of the popular weight-loss books written by fitness trainers who train movie stars? Celebrities often have amazing bodies. One of the most popular exercise books for weight loss on the market first made the best-seller list because the author, who is a millionaire, bought 50, copies to help move it to the top of the list.

When the public saw that it was a best-seller, they assumed it was good, and that hype helped generate sales to keep it on the best-seller list. KG: Genetics and liposuction aside, are there any similarities between the type of training the best celebrity trainers do and the German Body Comp Program?

CP: Not to my knowledge. Rambie was the first exercise scientist to propose the concept that the lactic acid pathway was better for fat loss than the commonly accepted aerobic pathway.

He found that when you increase your blood lactic level, your blood pH decreases, and that sends a message to your brain to accelerate its production of growth hormone.

Growth hormone helps the body burn fat. Simple as that. Would adding such a relatively small amount of aerobics to the workouts increase the amount of fat loss in your program without sacrificing muscle mass?

CP: That approach might be all right for some, but the way I look at it is, most people work for a living and can fit in only so much training. One of the advantages of the German Body Comp Program is that you can achieve maximum weight loss with a minimal investment of time. Beyond that, aerobic conditioning does little to improve sports performance for most of the athletes I train.

For example, the average VO2 max in the NBA is only about 47, compared to about 42 for the average couch potato and about 80 for a world-class rower.

If you look at the research, there are studies showing that the higher your aerobic power, the lower your vertical jump. To make a basketball player, or for that matter any athlete who needs speed and power, perform a lot of aerobic work would be counterproductive.

KG: Are aerobics at least used as a warmup for your program? CP: They can be, but the best warmup is to take the first two stations in the program and do about two sets of five, using increasingly heavy weight.

KG: Is it better for athletes to use this program in the postseason or in the preseason, when their improvements in muscular endurance are greatest? Take figure skating, a sport that involves an exceptionally high degree of body awareness. KG: Because German Body Comp training focuses on multijoint exercises over isolation movements, is it better for athletes suffering from overuse injuries such as tendinitis?

CP: Possibly. But tendinitis is most often associated with uneven tension in the muscular structures, which sometime can be resolved with soft-tissue treatments. KG: Some exercise authorities would say that if people are in extremely bad shape, it would be better to have them build a minimal level of strength by performing a low-intensity aerobic program such as walking before beginning a weight-training program.

Is that good advice? CP: Exercise physiologists say that strength is the mother of all physical qualities, so even if you want to go for a walk, you still need some strength to get out of your chair. For the chronically obese, weight training is a better way to train because it can bring about faster changes in body composition. I would have them start the program by taking up to three minutes between sets, then reducing the rest interval by 15 seconds at each workout. Most people will be able to handle my protocol in about 10 workouts.

KG: Is there room in your program for people who need to perform rehabilitation exercises, such as rotator cuff work for the shoulder? And how should they modify their workout? CP: They should either incorporate the exercises into the training process or simply shorten the program and perform the rehabilitation exercises at the end. KG: What type of evaluation process, if any, do you use at your training center for overweight clients? CP: Normally my first step is to put them through a full blood profile so we can prescribe precise food selections and supplement choices.

Interestingly, you can almost predict their blood work by doing a site bodyfat test to determine where they have the highest fat stores. KG: Many weight-loss programs recommend eating numerous small meals throughout the day rather than two to three large ones.

Is it better to eat more frequently? CP: Generally speaking, I would say yes, but everybody is different. Is that safe? That effect causes most people to feel nauseated and dizzy. KG: Many people who use programs with short rest intervals get nauseated during the workout.

To prevent that, what should people eat before performing the German Body Comp Program? People often get nauseated because they train too soon after eating. But I know athletes who can eat right before they work out and have no problems. KG: Most popular weight-loss programs use meal-replacement drinks, whereas your book advocates actual food. Do you recommend that people take such layoffs when following the German Body Comp Program?

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German Body Composition Training: The What, Why and How

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German Body Comp Program


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