This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context. Please edit the article to focus on discussing the work rather than merely reiterating the plot. January Learn how and when to remove this template message Choritrohin English: Characterless is a novel by Bengali novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. The story has four main women characters—two major, Savitri and Kiranmayi, and two minor, Surbala and Sarojini.

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He could not finish novels and stories that he had started writing, but passed on his imagination and love of literature to Sarat Chandra. After the death of Bhuvanmohini in , the family was supported by various other family members during hard times.

One of his brothers, Swami Vedananda, later became a disciple at Belur Math. Sarat Chandra was a daring, adventure-loving boy. First Arts examination or attend college due to lack of funds. After finishing his formal studies, he spent much of his time interacting with friends, acting in plays, and in playing sports and games. Several of his famous novels and stories were written during this period. Part of his novel, Srikanto, is based on his experiences in Burma. While living in Rangoon , he married his first wife Shanti.

He was deeply hurt when his wife and one-year-old son died from plague. He married his second wife Mokshada later renamed Hironmoyee also in Rangoon and taught her to read and write. She outlived him by 23 years. It is during this time that he improved his Sanskrit skills from "Kabyasri" Kishorimohan Mukherjee. University of Calcutta awarded him the prestigious Jagattarini medal. University of Dhaka awarded him an honorary doctorate D. On 2 Magh or 16 January he died, from cancer of the liver.

Then he made a house in the village of Samta , in , where he spent the later twelve years of his life as a novelist. His house is known as Sarat Chandra Kuthi. Trees like bamboo and guava planted by the renowned author still stand tall in the gardens of the house.

Publishers were never tired of reprinting his works; he remains the most translated, the most adapted and the most plagiarized author. Kurup [9] writes " His name has been a household word". Dr Mirajkar [10] informs "the translations of Sarat Chandra created a stir amongst the readers and writers all over Maharashtra.

He has become a known literary personality in Maharashtra in the rank of any popular Marathi writers including H. Apte, V. Khandekar, N. Phadke and G. Parineeta has also been made twice. In Bardidi was made by director Ajoy Kar.

Another famous film Chhoti Bahu is based on his novel Bindur Chhele. The film Sabyasachi film was released in based on his work Pather Dabi. Works[ edit ] Sarat Chandra wrote novels, novellas, and stories. He went on to write several stories and novels, including Bindur Chhele O Anyanya Parinita







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