Mobile TV options are not available in the U. Bottom Line This big portable media player does plenty of neat tricks, including recording video. It also has a big, bright screen, and its navigation feels similar to that of an Archos device, but more evolved. The device focuses on the essentials: music, video, and photos. Control freaks who want a player with strong file support and a sharp, sprawling 4-inch screen for video, however, should give the A3 serious consideration. Looking for a media player that fits comfortably into your pocket?

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The headline feature of the A3 is its beautiful, 4-inch, bypixel, wide-aspect LCD screen. It performed as nicely as the screen on the A2 did, showing sharp colors and smooth movement, with no ghosted or blurry images, during my playback tests. Instead, the A3 uses a file-tree system that you must manually organize on your PC through Windows Explorer or a similar file management program before syncing to the device. Additionally, the A3 natively handles by HD, the highest-quality video resolution.

The 30GB model weighs 9. The second-generation iPod Touch , for example, weighs a scant 4 ounces and is only 0. You access most of the controls by way of a joystick and four buttons that reside below. The arrangement puts often-used options within easy reach; for example, you can add a currently playing track to a playlist by pressing a button.

Joystick navigation can be frustrating, however. More often than not, when I tried to push the joystick, I accidentally shifted it up or down. But as a portable video player, the A3 has just about everything you could want--if you can tolerate the tiny joystick and unintuitive interface.

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At a Glance Cowon A3 With its gorgeous screen and superb audio quality, the Cowon A3 is a great video player, but its design could be slimmed down Related:.


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