Daikasa Onlar bunu itiraf edince onlar irklerinden dolay u ifadesiyle knamtr: Oysa ilkin selef ve haleften banda bni Delilleeiyle, bni Kayym ve bni Kesirin de iinde bulunduu byk bir ounluun gr, bu ahid tutmann mecazi olduu eklindedir. Geen hususlar u ekilde sralamak mmkndr: Tpk mrik ve ayrca rabbine ibadetten kanan mstekbir birini sokmayaca gibi. Evet zaman olur ki insanlardan bir ouna baz naslar mkil grnr ve anlayamazlar. Yani onlar Allahn dinini ve tevhit edilmesini bilmiyorlar. Al konumasn Mustafa Kemal yapmtr.

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Allah c. Creator of the worlds religions of the day the owner, is worthy of worship to Almighty himself alone, I would praise with words worthy of glory. The most beautiful blessings and peace brought by the permission of Allah and the people with faith and belief in the Sharia as well as in deeds, issuing from darkness to light last Nabi Muhammad PBUH to get in on.

Allah Azza and Celle, jinn and man to worship him, but he has created matter. Have the will and purpose of life of all creatures to worship with the goal of facts, denial, and those who worship other than Allah is the only God as MABUD begins with the adoption.

The second step of worship to Allah alone muvahhid ear directed, by the Lord is the installation of a team responsibility. These responsibilities servant covenant given to God alone, are worshiped. Allah SWT as His servant should install both qawl deeds should be based on goodwill reported some conditions for the adoption of this worship.

Worship realization depends on the adoption of the two. For God made and that God desires to be the deeds. Worship must be done for the sake of Allah "sincerity" to determine whether it raises.

Perform within the limits of sherry exquisite manners and gets into the hands of people who can control his ego, the "sincerity" of God in matters of worship thus upholding the consent requirement will not be a problem. The right of the person performing it to fall into the swamp of disbelief and polytheism is likely at any moment.

Indeed, a quick look back at the history of many of the errors in these matters when nobody on the right path, even swearing to the truth away, and we see that the shear on the cause. Here, of course, the crime was not distinguished Islamic scholars.

Yes, the right thing to do, but Allah and His Messenger is that reported by. They also left out of ideas and case-law in proportion to comply Book and the Sunnah is correct. For this reason, every Muslim worship, deeds, but according to sources this divine arrangement is a must. If God bestowed this research, other sectarian imams God bless them will continue to include. Tevfik Allah.

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