Vijas With Devoured, Amanda has brought a whole new facet to the concept of the fractured fairytale — and is it ever refreshing! I love all things Aladdin but dfvorada read a retelling for it yet?! Megan meets the owners of the amusement park, Mr. I didnt feel connected to the characters. For such a short book, it actually had some pretty dark elements in it that I was totally not expecting.

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After reading this i will definitely be looking for more of her work, hopefully it will be just as good because this really surprised me, and in the best way. The only other Snow White retelling i actually enjoyed was Winter by Marissa Meyer, all the rest have fallen really flat for me unfortunately. Megan, our protagonist in this novel is struggling.

When Remy appears just as Megan is trying on costumes for her new role, showing her a horrible vision of a girl dead in a forest with her heart cut out, Megan faints; waking to meeting Luke, a painter at the park, who for some reason can also see her creepy dead 7 year old sister.

In a thrilling tale filled with darkness, ghosts, murder, evil plots, dysfunctional relationships, magic mirrors, curses and of course Snow White, the truth revealed and the horrors to come may lead Megan and those around her to their destiny.

Megan is a strong female protagonist, who has suffered alone for many years, been in therapy and been told what she knows is true is really just her way of coping- oh how wrong they are.

Luke is also a favourite of mine, he is mysterious yet friendly and really kind. Im really intreged to see what else Amanda Marrone has come up with, because if it is anything like this book, then im sure i will love it. New favourite author? Perhaps and I cannot wait to find out. Definitely a new favourite book though, so YAY! Meanwhile she gets a summer job at The Land of Enchantments to keep a worried eye on her boyfriend Ryan ever since his best friend, Samantha, has drunkenly admitted that he was her soul mate.

While Megan was getting sized up for her Snow White costume, Remy appears and shows her a horrid vision, causing her to faint. When she wakes, Luke, a painter at the park, is by Devoured is the story about Megan who has been haunted by her seven year old sister, Remy, after a horrible accident ten year ago.

When she wakes, Luke, a painter at the park, is by her side and lets her know that her sister says sorry before disappearing. Shocked that someone else can see ghost as well gives Megan fresh hope and together they try to find out why Remy is still lingering around and what exactly she is trying to warn her about I really loved this one! This was my first Amanda Marrone book, but it wont be my last, I like the way she combined and crafted the tale of Snow White with a supernatural twist.

It was very creepy, cool and kinda gruesome, but I would have to applaud the originality. I liked every single one of these characters, even the twisted ones. Megan is great. I liked how she really held it together through out these years. Not quite the stable environment a seventeen year old needs, so it was nice to see her having normal issues like guys and jealousy. At least he made an honest effort. Remy was very chill-worthy. Very well written. Luke is a great role with a cool gift and a perfect match for Megan.

Very nice even-chemistry. Ohh, and the mirror? That was pretty wicked.


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