When placing it down and operating, we recommend placing it on a soft cloth. Indoor Portrait with Flash: There is plenty of warmth showing in the colours. About The Setup Menu Do not touch the plug terminals i and j with metal objects. This allows the sensitivity to light ISO sensitivity to be dmc—fs

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Kejas Hue is a little off for colors like yellow and cyan, and reds are strongly pushed toward manial. As early as ISOdetails begin to blur and some luminance noise is visible. Picture quality is dmc-f1s5 and the camera is easy to use. Overall sharpness in the shot is good too. Taking Close-up Pictures This mode allows you to take close-up pictures of a subject, e. Before use, please read these instructions completely. Preparation Using the quick menu By using the quick menu, some of the menu settings can be easily found.

Others Battery Ddmc-fs15 battery is a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Page 23 Preparation You can conserve the battery life by setting these menus. Others Battery The battery is a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Page 23 Preparation These menu settings make it easier to see dmc-fz15 LCD monitor when you are in bright places or when you are holding the camera high above your head.

Zoom does not go up to maximum magnification. Advanced Playback Press 4 to finish the slide show. However, the picture is not affected. This allows you to take pictures of people and the background with near real-life brightness. Basic Press the shutter button fully push it in furtherand take the picture.

Cable disconnection warning icon P86 Cautions for Use In the event of abnormal operation e. Basic Specifications Full model name: Compensating the Exposure Use this function when you cannot achieve appropriate exposure due to the difference in brightness between the subject and the background. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Others Message Display Confirmation messages or error messages will be displayed on the screen in some cases. Remove the card before printing the pictures in the built-in memory. Others The motion pictures cannot be played back on a TV. The Panasonic FS15 is a very handsome camera, one that combines intelligent automatic features with super compact size for an easy-to-use, travel-worthy digital camera.

Preparation Selecting the [REC] Mode When the [REC] mode is selected, the camera can be set to the Intelligent auto mode in which the optimal settings are established in line with the subject to be recorded and the recording conditions, or to the scene mode which enables you to take pictures that match the scene being recorded.

The LCD monitor is automatically turned off if the camera has not been used for the time selected on the setting. Others The recorded picture is whitish. Weighing in at a mere 4. As such, we have only shot the FS15 for our image quality analysis, which tests identically to the FS Advanced Playback Press 4 to finish the slide show. For each step, be sure to refer to the pages indicated in brackets. Using a drag-and-drop operation, move the pictures you want to acquire or the folder storing those pictures to any different folder on the PC.

These pixels do not affect the recorded pictures. For more information visit: Preparation Set the language displayed on the screen. Full autofocus shutter lag is on the slow side, at 0. Connecting To Other Equipment The flash is activated on the back with a press of the right key of the four-way arrow pad, and is powerful enough for use within about 17 feet in Auto mode at wide angle, with a more limited range at telephoto.

Within the Scene option, you can choose from 26 preset modes: Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product. Focus will keep following the subject automatically even if it moves. Registering scenes in Scene mode: Digital cameras with wide angle lenses can find it that bit harder to produce a sharp shot when the lens is zoomed all the way out. This is not a malfunction. TOP Related Articles.


Panasonic DMC-FS15 Manual

Vojinn You can barely tell that flash has been used in this shot. This is not a malfunction. U [clock Set] Taking Pictures With The Self-timer The camera is automatically turned off if the camera has not been used for the time selected on the setting. Taking Pictures using Auto Bracket In this mode, 3 pictures are automatically recorded in the selected exposure compensation range each time the shutter button is pressed.

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