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However, there are few studies that found how early the deficits of the executive function EF exist in MCI. The present study investigated the presence of executive dysfunctions in the earliest stage of MCI, and the sub-domains of EF which are disproportionately impaired earlier than others. All participants were given neuropsychological tests to assess the sub-domains of EF, such as verbal fluency, psychomotor speed, inhibitory control, and mental set-shifting. Phonemic fluency and psychomotor speed were also impaired at the early stage of MCI relative to the NE, but maintained at the same level up to mild AD.

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At the Whitedawn Lagoon, the Traveler revealed his true identity to Jester, affirming her as his first disciple, and that he needed her counsel in how to proceed with the faith he now leads.

He also said that the Traveler may not necessarily be a god. In the Dwendalian Empire , "worship outside the approved idolatry is met with imprisonment". The theory was that, after Vox Machina completed their end of their deal with him and built a doorway from the Feywild to Exandria , Artagan took on the role of the Traveler in the hopes of finding a path to godhood. This theory was confirmed in " With Great Power Artagan is commonly linked to the color green and the physical description of the Traveler included green eyes.

His name is "The Traveler" implying he traveled from someplace else, potentially the Feywild. The Traveler and Artagan are both powerful mischief-makers. Kovak referred to the Traveler as one of the "fair folk", a common term for fey. Until the end of your next turn, you can sense anything affected by the hallow spell or know the location of any celestial, fiend, undead within 60 ft.

When giving directions to Jester as part of her Commune spell, the Traveler licked his finger before pointing the way, something Garmelie did consistently, despite the Feywild having no wind.


The Traveler



Form DND 2827, Notice of Intent to Initiate Counselling and Probation


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