DragonFly includes many useful features that differentiate it from other operating systems in the same class. The most prominent one is HAMMER, our modern high performance filesystem with built-in mirroring and historic access functionality. Virtual kernels provide the ability to run a full-blown kernel as a user process for the purpose of managing resources or for accelerated kernel development and debugging. The kernel uses several synchronization and locking mechanisms for SMP.

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Before reading this chapter, install xorg, xdm and cwm packages. By itself, X provides very little, since one also must have a window manager to present a user interface.

The X11 specification is an open standard, and there are different implementations, some commercial, and some free. It is possible to run X clients on a system without any graphical support. The client and server can also be running on the same machine, and for most of this section, that will be the assumption. Configuring X X often requires no configuration at all. Add user running X to video group in order to use 3D acceleration.

Starting X There are two common ways to run X: by manually invoking the startx 1 or via xdm 1. Note: twm 1 window manager is started by default.

Introduction to X Display Manager The X Display Manager XDM is an optional part of the X Window System that provides services similar to those provided by init 8 , getty 8 and login 1 on character terminals: prompting for login name and password, authenticating the user, and running a "session".

Running a Network Display Server In order for other clients to connect to the display server, edit the access control rules and enable the connection listener. Comment out this line if you want to manage X terminals with xdm DisplayManager. Most of the programs in these scripts should run in the background, but the last one typically the window manager should run in the foreground. When the window manager exits, the script will exit, and X will shut down or return to the xdm 1 login prompt.

In the simplest case, your.



A powerful and flexible tool to modify all aspects of user accounts. It creates entries in the system passwd and group files. Next, we configure adduser 8 defaults, and create our first user account, since using root for normal usage is evil and nasty. Example I will give you the chance later to correct any input.


DragonFly BSD

Aralmaran This command should produce some noise, confirming that the sound card is working. Before beginning the configuration, determine the model of the sound card and the chip it uses. For this card, the following lines must be added to the kernel configuration file:. Contributed by Munish Chopra. First, close any programs using the device, such as music players or sound daemons. If it is incorrect it must be updated and made correct. This handboo set the volume channel to a default value of 50 when the pcm 4 module is loaded.

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