Andrea also attended a special event where he and Tim Baker, an Australian surfing writer, spoke to a gathering of several hundred school children. The August event for the school children was very meaningful to Andrea, the barefooted boy from Belitung, as he made mental comparisons with the educational opportunities of these children, compared to what he experienced. And now his own life story is about to become even more amazing, as his book Laskar Pelangi The Rainbow Troops is being published around the world in no less than twenty-four countries and in 12 languages. All this has come about because of the feeling of appreciation that the young Andrea felt for his teacher, Muslimah. This was because for him and his school friends, a book was the most valuable thing they could think of.

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Nov 18, Hizatul Akmah rated it really liked it i read this book 2 years ago and i still remember some of the details and i could recall that moment when i was crying my heart out : i wish i could own a copy of this book soon so i could reread it. Sep 30, Scha Humaira rated it really liked it I like this book very much, I can tell you why? Appear komikal in the beginning, righteously ordinary juvenile delinquency, but then without You realise, story and characters in this book by degrees gain control You.

Since little photograph that helds captive that will jerk You on ground sense of humour but have philosophical effect that resonate. Since struggle mean lives in poverty that twists and heroic aspiration deep story two book main figures this: Arai and Ikal will lead You with kind of I like this book very much, I can tell you why?

Since struggle mean lives in poverty that twists and heroic aspiration deep story two book main figures this: Arai and Ikal will lead You with kind of grace and that affinity You can see into thyself with heaving full expectancy, that You refuse all Your hopelessness and helplessness own.

Really inspiratif especially for the rising generation circle, student and intermediate college student at cross ways reach expectation and future. With all its lack, Ikal and Arai can look after firmness and everlastingly prohibition gives up on his way.

Severely there are many positive study that we can take from this book. If I am still get teens age and be at schooled stool, undoubtedly binds books it will give extra force that arouse potency most deep utilised reaches for fruitfulness Excess of this book is can tell problem that actually complexes to become simpler but not remove primal element namely assesses that contained in it. Told by nicely utilize perspicuous language and not only tells of one angle but also of corner of other even sometimes at variance with angle one the.

Square with for all age. Are so difficult find lack of this book is good of story and also performance facet it. Most even more this book has a lot of recognized previous because previous draw namely Laskar Pelangi already universalizes.

To me, this book is book in point if you source inspiration that will make you more price your life and other people. In the beginning, that sibling from another parent were motivated by their teacher in high school, Mr. Belia, who told about the university in France. Until arriving at the end of high school they both decided to migrate to Jakarta. Ikal decided to become an employee at a post office that required to have excellent physical condition, while Arai, due to limitations in her lungs, decided to look for work that was not the same as Ikal, he decided to look for work in Kalimantan.

Until finally in the following year after graduation they both could continue their studies with their own labors, Ikal was accepted to study at the University of Indonesia, while Arai decided to study at Mulawarman University. Ikal and Arai were reunited in the scholarship selection. And in the end they were both accepted to continue their master studies with scholarships at the Univesite de Paris, Sorbonne, France.


Sang Pemimpi

Tiga tokoh utamanya adalah Ikal, Arai dan Jimbron. Ikal- alter ego Andrea Hirata , sedangkan Arai adalah saudara jauh yang yatim piatu yang disebut simpai keramat karena anggota keluarga terakhir yang masih hidup dan akhirnya menjadi saudara angkat dan Jimbron adalah seorang yatim piatu yang terobsesi dengan kuda dan gagap bila sedang antusias terhadap sesuatu atau ketika gugup. Bersekolah di pagi hari dan bekerja sebagai kuli di pelabuhan ikan pada dini hari, dari ketagihan mereka menonton film panas di bioskop dan akhirnya ketahuan guru mengaji mereka , kisah cinta Arai dan Jimbron, perpisahan Jimbron dengan ikal dan Arai yang akan meneruskan kuliah di Jakarta yang akhirnya membuat mereka berdua terpisah tetapi tetap akan bertemu di Perancis. Hidup mandiri terpisah dari orang tua dengan latar belakang kondisi ekonomi yang sangat terbatas namun punya cita-cita besar , sebuah cita-cita yang bila dilihat dari latar belakang kehidupan mereka, hanyalah sebuah mimpi. Arai adalah tokoh sentral dalam buku ini.


Sang Pemimpi by Andrea Hirata



Author: Andrea Hirata


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