Gozilkree Mjhoony Santos added it Nov 18, I have been dealing with SBCs for over 20 years and this book has all the accumulated knowledge that I have gathered over the years in one easy to read book. Voegelin is the founder of High Performance Communications, which provides marketing and public relations services for racing teams and manufacturers in motorsports. Ken Mayfield rated it really liked it Dec 31, Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Account Options Sign in. Net proceeds from the sale of these goods and financial donations from the community make it possible for us to operate our free job training programs.

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Customer Book Reviews Best printed material on the subject By Rob Wehrli on Oct 17, This book provides the necessary information to get you going toward developing or improving your serious engine building skills. What it does do is tell you how use the precision tools required to assemble cylinder heads, short block including degreeing your cam and all of the computational formulas needed for compression ratio, CID, etc..

The material is presented well and is full of lots of good information without the common bias for a particular brand engine. Even though Small Block Chevy parts are pictorialized throughout the book, the text and information apply to any motor. Impressive, fact-filled read of Engine Blueprinting without forcing you to go step-by-step, but giving them to you in logical order. Take Care. If you are interested in advanced engine assembly, read this A Customer on Mar 15, This one book has all advanced assembly methods known to all racing shops.

Although a few of the methods listed are out dated, if still is one of the best books I have read on Engine Rebuilding. Blueprinting an engine, is an involved process and this book outlines this process in grate detail. What it does have is some of the best and most complete advise on what to check and why.

It will definately teach you how to use them. Like most such books, it centers around the small block Chevrolet, but is not specific to them: he provides information in numerous places where Mopars and Fords deviate from the Chevrolet. Just right for the beginner By Marsh Rat on Jun 14, This is an excellent resource for the 1st time engine builder and clearly differentiates blue printing from rebuilding.

This book has to be on your workbench!! By Charles Rutherford on Jan 01, We just bought the updated version of this book to go with our almost worn-out original copy. Hands down, the best book on learning the correct procedures for blueprinting an engine, not just rebuilding it. The material is easy to read, pictures are descriptive, and the author makes the understanding of complicated procedures easy to understand.

Even if you cannot perform the machine work, at least you will understand what you need to ask for, the reasons why, and understand if it was done correctly.

In our opinion, a 5-Star rating does not do this book justice. Excellent Book A Customer on May 17, After 25 years out of the grease, this book is bringing it all back for me. Great detail and easy understanding. A must have for the serious rebuilder. Engine Blueprinting By Gobsowjim on Oct 17, This is an excellent book, good explanation, stays on subject. Very practical - information you can actually use.

Remember, its a book on blueprinting your engine, not building it. Measuring tools, balancing, cam degreeing, clearance and tolerance issues are well covered. Crider on Nov 06, I have been looking for a good book that walks through the basic of engine blueprinting and explains the steps for building a solid engine.

This made it a little difficult to follow a few sections without need of separate research for the names and locations of some components. For someone to actually blueprint a specific engine, separate research is still required to know what tolerances are needed for particular motors. Overall, I found the book very informative and helped provide me with a good, basic understanding of what it takes to blueprint an engine.

I will still need to do further research for the particular engine I want to build, but this helps me know what I need to do and things to think about. Book review By Brian J.

Arcudi on Nov 24, This book was very through. It covered all aspects of engine rebuilding. It only covered American engine types, no imports. But most techniques will carry over. I still would like to find a book that specializes in euro engines. A good overview, but more meat please! By Richard Phethean on Jul 13, This book gives a good overview on common tools and practices in blueprinting an engine but lacks fine detail.

Certain machine practices the author just mentions and then states to have your machinist do this. I was hoping for a reference that would demonstrate how to cut valve seats and press in inserts and what tools are needed or maybe blueing and port matching your heads and intake not just gasket matching.

There was some good info offset grinding and welding but again I want more detail on the submerged arcwelder recommended and which electrode. Am I expecting too much? Hey, if anyone out there knows of a book that is along these lines let me know.

Specific machining practices and setups, all specialty tools needed, etc. Amazing find indeed! I have no knowledge in blueprinting, but notice it did cover things that was handed down to me when doing engine rebuilds. Let me just say, this book will give you all the secrets into building the perfect high performance engine. Even if you have to take the parts to the machine shop at least you will know what your talking about and what to expect out of the job.

You would surprise any machinist. The author who wrote the book, did a great job with photos and details. I really look forward into finishing my LS2 engine New Block and up using what I learned from this book.

Great for the beginner and for the expert By Harriman on Mar 01, I bought the book so the son and I could Blue Print his engine while we were rebuilding it. I have not Blue Printed an engine in at least 20 years. I had forgot some things which the book reteaches and learned new things from the book.. My son and I recommend the book for the expert and for the beginner.

By Scooterguy on Jun 15, The author covers everything from teaching you how to use a micrometer to explaining processes that a machine shop handles. One of those books to keep on the shelf to answer questions about various things.

Should have bought it years ago. A pretty good book By Timothy Ryan on May 04, A pretty good book, has lots of information about engines in general. A good book for a novice and good for the rusty pro. Great book.

By Cluny on Feb 12, I very comprehensive explanation of detailed engine building. I have read several books on the subject but this one is the best. I was especially impressed with the section on engine balancing.

It cleared up some basic questions I had. Camshaft designs and degreeing. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. It was published by Car Tech and has a total of pages in the book.

To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.


Step by Step Guide to Engine Blueprinting

In reality, it is far more than that and author Rick Voegelin is imminently qualified to provide the low down on the basic measurement and machining techniques used to build racing and high-performance engines for optimum output. His ten second, cubic inch small block Camaro set the performance standard for Super Modified classes back in the day. An accomplished automotive writer Voegelin is a superb conveyer of technical information and he leaves nothing out in this well aged, but thoroughly accurate description of the engine blueprinting process. This book has been the standard default blueprinting guide since its original release in Sound machining and blueprinting techniques are well established and Voegelin relates them in methodical detail for readers of every level from novice to the pro engine builder. His approach is straightforward and conventional, beginning with a description of the necessary tools and their proper use. Subsequent chapters offer detailed information about block selection, cleaning, sonic checking, deburring, boring and honing, decking and all the necessary machining procedures to bring a cylinder block up to spec for any racing or high-performance application.

LM3900 PDF

Engine Blueprinting: Practical Methods for Racing and Rebuilding

Integracar aims to have a substantial variety of repair manuals. On the other hand maintenance manuals can sometimes be released for specific nations and the vehicles built for those countries. Which is why not all workshop manuals may be appropriate for your selected automobile. If you have any important questions whether or not a individual owners manual is appropriate for your motor vehicle kindly e-mail us hereStep by Step Guide to Engine Blueprinting by Rick Voegelin click Years a large funnel from the kitchen and dedicate it to auto work or buy one at an auto supply or hardware store.

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