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This means it will be very difficult to remove this connector by just pulling. Remove the two screws that fasten the cartridge cover to the rear panel of the EPS. The hardware problems are the most commonly found by our Service Technicians. If the unit has a recessed System Expander Port, there will be a gap between the module ears and the case. Therefore, isolate the desired wavesample s as follows: Install the screw, and tighten it only until the sub-assembly being attached is snug against the case.

Power up, test the unit, servive reattach the lid see Section A. Triple Function Effect Mixer Do not let the board short out when testing, place an insulator cardboard, paper, etc. Power Supply Fuses To manusl the occurrence of fuse failure when a memory expander is installed, fuses F3 and F4 were changed from 3. Remove the seven 7 machine screws with star washers from the Main Board. Attach the mounting brackets to the control panel trying to use the same els.

Edit Pitch Table Discard the cartridge cover. Press servixe key down only until normal key travel ends. Avoid over-tightening screws in the plastic case when executing any repair procedure! Brass Inserts To prevent stripping, there are brass inserts in the Main Board servicw boss mounting standoff and in the four control panel holes.

Insert the screws through the ears of the module and into the holes in the cartridge cover opening. As the Burn-in Test runs, the display will indicate which of the tests is currently active. Remove the four 4 screws that attach the Disk Drive mounting brackets to the control panel. Do not press into the pressure zone Verify that no pressure effect occurs. Remove the four 4 screws that fasten the control panel with a 2. If this is not the case, disconnect the power cord, open the lid and check your work.

If die memory expander is a REV B or higher, there should be four screws holding it in place. Place the unit upside down on a soft surface and remove the ten 10 screws that attach the Manuql to the case.

Remove the lid see Section A. Reconnect the audio cables. Press Load then Instrument. Before replacing anything, check all connections, particularly the pin cable to the Keyboard assembly. All the LEDs will light and the display will read: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. It is important to make sure that there are no loose screws inside the unit, as they may come loose and short out something. Note that these connectors are keyed and have connector locks.

Be sure to install all screws into the Control Panel with a hand screw driver to avoid stripping. A file name should appear in the display.

This manual is a large Meg. You must use EPS O. Perform solution 1 above. Designation xenninals Connector Ai!. ESP Effects Test 2 a.

There are hazardous voltages present In the power supply section. Related Posts


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