It is primarily designed to assist cavalry commanders, their staffs, and subordinate troop and company commanders in the conduct of combat operations. It also serves as a guide for corps, division, and brigade commanders, and their staffs. This manual discusses the organization, capabilities, and employment of cavalry units. This manual applies to the armored cavalry regiment ACR and all division cavalry squadrons armored, light, air.

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Bradal This battlefield will be chaotic, intense, and destructive. Facilitate Movement The cluttered and confused battlefield requires firm control of unit movements.

Administering the decisive blow to a faltering enemy. Performing reconnaissance, cavalry provides the commander with combat information he needs to strike at the right place and time, such as the actual size and operationd of the enemy, his exact dispositions, where he is strong, where he is weak, and where and when the precise application of superior combat power could have a decisive effect. This manual discusses the organization, capabilities, and employment of cavalry units.

Dedicated staff officers serve to integrate the controls directed by higher headquarters with the operational requirements of the regiment or squadron. The ACR operates independently over a wide area and at extended distances from other units. Unless this publication states otherwise, masculine nouns and pronouns do not refer exclusively to men. The combined arms nature and command and control structure inherent to cavalry organizations xavalry them ideally suited to force packaging in support of various types of operations ranging from nation assistance to peacekeeping and peace enforcement.

Cavalry is, by its role, an economy of force. English Choose a language for shopping. Ground and air scouts and ground-based and airborne sensor systems EH and UAV are all players in gathering combat information within cavalry units. War Operations in this environment are characterized by mechanized, highly structured, weapons-and-firepower-intensive combat.

The regiment has an organic air defense artillery ADA capability. Subsequent chapters will discuss each mission category. Corps Defensive Operations The purpose of defensive operations is to defeat an attack and regain the initiative. If the division commander elects not to use the squadron forward of the division, then it can screen or guard an exposed flank of the operatiosn to prevent surprise from enemy attack.

The commander uses fire support to destroy, delay, disrupt, or limit the enemy. Once the battle was joined, the cavalry continued to secure the positions of the army. The Confederates conducted a reconnaissance in force with an operationw division the next day. FM Download File — 4. A reserve prepares to execute counterattack contingencies or lead the transition to offensive operations. While this type of intelligence information is necessary, it is not entirely sufficient.

The maneuverability, firepower, and flexibility of the RAS enhance the combat flexibility of the regiment. Additionally, offensive operations are undertaken to secure decisive resources, and to set up the conditions for future successful operations.

Pursuing a retreating enemy. The flow of intelligence down the chain of command caavlry just as important as the flow of combat information up the chain of command. Field manuals and mission training plans that support this manual contain more specifics on tactics, techniques, and procedures. Additionally, it is frequently reinforced with other assets. Most 10 Related.


FM 17 95 Cav Operations





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