And she left it at that. As I lie down on the filthy concrete behind the grocery store, all I can think is that I want to be a fish. There is a slight difference, though the sleeping accommodations are basically the same. I adjust the pillow under my head as I attempt to get comfortable. I pulled a cereal box from the dumpster and emptied it out, then I stuffed it with a bunch of discarded plastic grocery bags. I turn my face toward the pillow to smell the box.

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I liked this book. It was okay. And, I dont really understand what happened at the end. It was like everything that was built up over the course of two years was suddenly not good enough? The consistency wasnt there for me and that is a huge deal in my rating of a book.

If it doesnt fit, I dont believe it. If I dont believe it, I loose interestfast. Sure the emotions they were feeling were there but it seemed to always go back to more of the same. I hate repetitiveness. It sucks the like right out of the book. Claire was very skittish in the beginning then all of the sudden she was fine.

She had abandonment issues which, is to be expected. Put up with it or shut up about it. No growth, nothing but more of the same. Sorry, I will not be reading the next one. I needed more. But now having read the prequel to this series Forever Ours I have a whole new appreciation for these books and it has made me want to read them all over again. By the way, highly recommend that you read this first before the others if you havent read them yet. In Forever Ours, we are taken right back to the beginning, when young Claire arrives at the home of Jackie and Chris Knight.

We witness their first meeting and then over time watch as they grow closer together and more deeply in love. In Forever Ours, we learnt so much more about these two beautiful people, their hopes, their dreams, their pains and their fears. I laughed and cried reading this book, enjoying their highs, and feeling their lows. I thoroughly enjoyed going back to the beginning in Forever Ours and taking this journey with Chris and Claire at the time when they first discovered each other.

Beautifully written as always.


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Forever Ours


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