Why did you consider it cinematic? More than cinematic or visual, I first responded to the emotional content of it. The really wonderful characters, the wonderful relationships, the obstacles they face and overcome. It was an incredible, gothic place. Mostly though, it was the emotional content. The rest of it is all candy.

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While their ship is trapped in the ice of the Arctic Sea , the crew discovers a man, Victor Frankenstein, traveling across the Arctic on his own. Victor proceeds to tell Walton and the crew his life story. Victor grows up in Geneva with his adopted sister, Elizabeth Lavenza , who will become the love of his life. However, he is shunned by his peers, who view him as a madman. Eventually, he and his friend Henry Clerval meet Shmael Augustus Waldman , a professor whose notes contain information on how to create life; Waldman warns Victor not to use them lest he create an "abomination".

While performing vaccinations, Waldman is murdered by a stubborn patient, who is later hanged in the village square. He is so obsessed with his work that he drives Elizabeth away when she comes to take him away as Ingolstadt is being put into quarantine.

Victor finally gives his creation life, but soon regrets his decision and tries to kill it with an axe; the creature steals his coat and is driven away by the townspeople when it tries to steal food. The creature escapes, running off to the wilderness.

He burns down the farm and vows revenge on his creator. Victor, who believes the creature to be dead from the cholera epidemic, returns to Geneva to marry Elizabeth. He finds his younger brother William has been murdered. Justine, a servant of the Frankenstein household, is inadvertently framed for the crime by the creature and hanged by a lynch mob before anyone can prove her innocence.

The creature abducts Victor and demands that he make a companion for him, promising to leave his creator in peace in return. Maddened with grief beyond measure, Victor races home to bring Elizabeth back to life.

The two are briefly and happily reunited until the creature appears, demanding Elizabeth as his bride. The story returns to the Arctic Circle. Victor tells Walton that he has been pursuing his creation for months to kill him.

Soon after relating his story, Victor dies from pneumonia. The crew prepares a funeral pyre, but the ceremony is interrupted when the ice around the ship cracks. Walton invites the creature to stay with the ship, but the creature insists on remaining with the pyre. Cast[ edit ] Robert De Niro as The Creation , the product of an experiment with corpses and electricity.

Initially kind and innocent, the Creation gradually becomes violent and murderous when it realizes that it will never be accepted as human. Kenneth Branagh as Victor Frankenstein , a scientist obsessed with conquering death, which ultimately destroys his family and himself. She is resurrected following her murder at the hands of the Creation, but ends killing herself out of self-loathing. His brain is later used for the creature following his death.

Richard Briers as Grandfather, an elderly blind man who is kind to the Creation. Moritz, the head of the household staff at Frankenstein Manor who often fights with her daughter, Justine.


SCRIPT Fahrenheit 451 by Frank Darabont.pdf

He ducks from view, appearing at another window. His obsession is overpowering and Bonham Carter can play sweet and radiant as well as she can play creepy scri;t strange. Some citizens are still trying to go about their normal lives. They arrive at a table. We should be learning this!





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