Even though it was written in the mids there was loads here of relevance to me, a baby boomer, beyond midlife now and heading into the next phase. Gail is intelligent and articulate, savvy and astute, well-read and sharp as a tack - with all these skills she interviewed hundreds of people, compiled data from hundreds of surveys and did a thorough job of researching the fascinating idea that for any one of us our adulthood contains a string of fairly predictable passages from one stage of life to another. I found it very affirming and also absolutely fascinating, especially the recounting of her interviews with the average and not-so-average read wealthy Joes and Janes of the many studies that contributed to this body of work. I read it in bits and pieces over several months and the perspective I gained was well worth it.

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This time is necessary for searching and sorting links. One button - 15 links for downloading the book "New Passages" in all e-book formats! May need free signup required to download or reading online book. A few words about book author Gail Sheehy An award-winning journalist, Gail Sheehy caused a sensation in the s with Passages — a look at the aging process that became an instant icon and cottage industry. Biography Bestselling author and cultural observer Gail Sheehy has changed the way millions of people throughout the world look at their lives.

Her original landmark work, demarcations and descriptions of adulthood—beginning at twenty-one and ending at sixty-five—are hopelessly out of date. Stop and recalculate, Sheehy writes.

Imagine the day you turn forty-five as the infancy of another life. Instead of declining, men and women who embrace a Second Adulthood are progressing through entirely new passages into lives of deeper meaning, renewed playfulness, and creativity—beyond both male and female menopause.

Through hundreds of personal and group interviews, national surveys of professionals and working-class people, and fresh findings extracted from fifty years of U. Census reports, Sheehy vividly dramatizes these newly developing stages. Combining the scholars ability to synthesize data with the novelists gift for storytelling, she allows us to make sense of our own lives by understanding others like us. New Passages tells us we have the ability to customize our own life cycle.

This groundbreaking work is certain to awaken and permanently alter the way we think about ourselves. It is grounded in the economic and psychological realities that make adult life so complex today. TOP15 e-Books:.


Gail Sheehy

Penney department store chain. Sheehy traveled across the country putting on educational fashion shows for college home economics departments. Sheehy moved to Rochester, New York where she found a job as a journalist for the Democrat and Chronicle in Sheehy became a mother, but continued to work for various publications including the World Telegram for a brief time in and then the New York Herald Tribune [3] from to Sheehy was one of the original contributors to New York magazine [3] and contributed from through She traveled with the campaign to the West Coast and had access to interview Kennedy directly.




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