Is suitable as stand-alone or integrated circulator pump in existing systems as replacement or in new heating systems. Complete with 22mm pump valves. The pump features three control modes: Constant pressure control with two setting Proportional pressure control with two settings Constant curve mode with three settings Furthermore, the speed can be controlled by a low-voltage PWM Pulse Width Modulation profile A — Heating Additionally, easy and user-friendly one-button interface makes replacement and settings simple and fast. LEDs indicate the actual operating status as well as warnings and alarms The design of the pump and chosen materials contribute to long life. The pump is self-venting through the system, which contributes to easy commissioning. The compact design, featuring a pump head with an integrated control box, fits into most common installations, as well as boilers, due to the ambient temperature range.

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I swapped out an old Grundfos pump for the new one. Gone is the lovely old silver button on the front where you can bleed the pump and now we have more bells and whistles.

Anyhow, the entire blood house is vibrating. You can hear the pipes vibrating, the rads vibrating and anything touching the pipes vibrating. The homeowners say its worse when the system is warming up but it can happen randomly when the system is running. The entire household is woken up by this in the morning. This problem did not happen before.

The pump, however, is not very well supported with clips etc and the additional pipework around the cylinder is also not very well clipped in My first response was to turn down the pump but then the boiler thermal cut out gets involved and ruins the party. The homeowners cannot reduce the heat output of the boiler because otherwise, the property does not heat up. I guess the best option would be to add a boat load of pipe clips and possible re-route some pipework but this is a lot of money and time the homeowner does not want to spend.

After all, it was only a simple pump swap. My second plan is to swap the Grundfos for something else. Maybe the weird harmonics will be different with a different manufacturer. Anyone else got a better idea, please? Many thanks,.


Grundfos UPS 15-50N Hot Water Circulator Pump 240V

Page 2: Table Of Contents English GB Installation and operating instructions Original installation and operating instructions Read this document and the quick guide before you These installation and operating instructions describe Grundfos install the product. Installation and operation must UPS3. Page 3: Notes 1. Installing the product The symbols and notes below may appear in Grundfos 3.




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