Kagalkis Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. Besides the body of Pharaoh, what is that thing which is kept as an admonishing example for future generations to come? PSY — Consumer Psychology. Handout longest verse of Holy Quran is in which Sura?

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How to download handouts. In which sura Besmillah came twice? Which is the biggest animal mentioned in Holy Quran? MCM — Communication skills. Fasting is a source of piety and enables handoouts man to acquire a pious life. Please share with Your friends. MCM — Introduction to Broadcasting. The day that Albert Einstein feared has arrived! Hazrat Ayesha Radhiallahu Anha. Alaph Which letter is used for the lest time in Holy Quran? PSY — Forensic Psychology. How many parts of Holy Quran?

Which sura are named Azaiam? MCM — Development Communication. In which sura the Hegira of Holy Prophet is mentioned? MCM — Magazine Journalism. Hazrat Usman Radhiallahu Anhu.

Which is the best month mentioned in Holy Quran? Video of the Day. Quresh Which sura is called the heart of Holy Quran? Sura Haneouts Which word is the middle of the Quran? Login to chat with Virtualians Now! Which is the best drink mentioned in Holy Hajdouts Macci Sura were revealed in how many years?

How many sura are Makkahi and how many are Madni? Ibn Umar reported that Holy Prophet p. How many surahs start with the anme of the prophrt? The gist of the teachings of our Holy Prophet p. Me too Notice anything different? In which sura the name of Allah is repeated five times? Which sura is on the name of tribe of Holy Prophet?

Turkey Which bird was sent by Hazrat Noah A. PSY — Personality Psychology. TOP 10 Related.

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How to download handouts. The aim of these Ibadaat is in the reality to prepare a Muslim for that big Ibadat which he has to perform throughout his life in all conditions. Which Sura has the same number of verses as the number of Sura of Holy Quran? Hamd, Raad, Toor,Room, Masad. Sura Nesa Which sura is having the laws about marriage?

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Study Final Term Quiz-2 ISL201 Islamic Studies Online

Allah is mentioning this treaty in Surah Al-Fath as victory for the Muslims. Allah tested the Muslims in their Faith by this incident and after few years it opened the door of victory for Islam and believers. Read the story of Hudaybiyah and describe 8 terms and conditions of treaty which signed after Negotiations between Quraish of Mecca and Muslims of Madina. This year Muslims would return back to Madina without pilgrimage. They would be permitted to come for pilgrimage next year. Muslims would not be allowed to be in Mecca more than 3 days. Recommended: Loading


ISL201 Islamic Studies





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