Autotest capability with administration security. Environmental resilience and robustness. Extensive help system directly linked to meter capabilities. Multiple language support.

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Services Inc. We have served the industry with calibration, repair and N. We are constantly adding to our wide range of calibration services. We are continuously adding standards that facilitate our commitment to maintain a state-of-the-art environment. Our labs are environmentally controlled for humidity as well as temperature all year round.

We are dedicated to providing our clients the best service available at the lowest possible cost. Full data long form certification is provided free of charge with all our calibration services.

If any certificate of calibration is missing or has been destroyed by the help of our customer support agent you can get a duplicate certificate. Our computerized certification system has solved tracking problems by electronically recording all calibration services. The software used is tailor made for our company and by help of our customer support agent through this system; clients are promptly notified that their instruments are due for calibration service. In addition they may talk to our customers from time to time to ensure a close contact is kept and any new calibration services are conveyed with minimum of intrusion.

They will also liaise the arrangements required for certain on site calibration services. Please talk to one of our customer support agent for details. The normal turn-around time is five 5 to seven 7 business days anywhere within the USA. At an additional cost we provide an expedite service for those occasions where you need a quicker turn-around. Our weekend turn around suits clients who need their instruments at all times and can only send them out for calibration service during a weekend shutdown.

Deliveries of all calibrated instruments to anywhere in the USA is free of charge. Our primary Calibration Standards are sent for calibration, in accordance with N. Only approved laboratories and N.

T themselves are used for these calibration services. The Quality Manual of R. Please consult the manufacturers page on R.


DSAM-6300 Network Maintenance Sweep Meter with DOCSIS / EuroDOCSIS Capabilities (Discontinued)


ITR V AY 2013-14 PDF

Meter Forward in stock



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