Dem vorzubeugen, ist Aufgabe der Zeilen auf Aktuell. Vertan: die gibt es durchaus, dieser Tage im Wiener Volkstheater. Wer mehr wissen will, findet Infos hier … Dezember Georg ist leider, leider nicht mehr unter uns — er fehlt uns allen sehr. Das ist erst einmal viel Arbeit, bevor die ersten Zeilen hier zu finden sein werden.

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I fell in love with it after hearing it on my recording of Joshua Bell playing Kreisler--a wonderful album. Once this piece is fully mastered, it will be a wonderful present for your dearest. Give it a try! Reply A piece with emotion and love by Jon Lee on January This piece Liebesleid is one of the well known violin repitoires of Fritz Kreisler and this piece to me allows one to express ones emotions and it allows one to be free from any disater. This piece requires technique like a strong intonation and a strong vibrato in order to perform this piece well.

I rate this piece a 5 based on the somber melody which could draw peoples attention. This was one of my first pieces to perform when i start to play the violin effectively.

These are one of the favorites minatures of Fritz Kreisler. Looking at the music, it is a rather simple piece in fast three; but to play the engaging melody well is where the piece becomes difficult. Liebesleid demonstrates the subtleties that makes music great- everything from articulation style and phrasing to effective dynamics and tempo changes. I bought the piece to play on trombone, but I think the challenges of the piece translate to any instrument.


Liebesleid - Klavier



Liebesleid sheet music for violin and piano


HI 99161 PDF

List of works by Fritz Kreisler



Kreisler - Liebesleid (Love's Sorrow) from 3 Old Viennese Dances sheet music for Violin


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