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Unit Condition: Unit is used and comes with one month warranty Certificate is provided: ISEI is equipped with Full Electronic Service Shop Posted by :admin On : June 10, 0 Tags: auto , leica , prismless , reflectorless , station , tcr , total Reflectorless Total Stations TCR with 10, points onboard memory and an RSC data output connector is provided for use with a data collector or external computer.

The TCR Total Station offers everything you can expect from a surveying instrument: precision, reliability, user friendliness and a comfortable interface to your office software. On board software and application programmes such as stakeout, tie distance, and area calculation support you with the most important surveying tasks and lead you step-by-step to the soloution.

The laser plummet built into the standing axis makes centering and levelling easy. Levelling inaccuracies are automatically corrected by the built in biaxial compensator. Angle minimum display reading: 1. Distance measuring time: 0. Distance measuring time: 1. Distance minimum display: 1mm. Angle units: Switchable between meter or feet, angle degrees or gon. Keyboard: 24keys numeric and alphanumeric input. Compensator: Liquid dual axis.

Weight: 5. Rain cover and sunshade. Leica GMP Prism with 4 poles. This item can be shipped worldwide. This unit was used for approximately 10 years before upgrading to a new Topcon unit. This was last used regularly about 4 years ago. It was used this past week for a construction stakeout and performed well but would recommend a checkup and calibration by your local dealer before performing any large boundaries. Holds a zero fine. This is a prismless unit and has the ATR function that works.

Comes with new rs cable and new battery. Also comes with generic single battery charger and hard case. The case has a latch that is broken and is honestly in pretty rough condition but does its job.

Brand: Leica.


TCR705 Leica Total Station



Leica TCR705 5″ Reflectorless Total Station


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