His enormous influence on guitar music in particular and classical music in general is demonstrated by more than a hundred recordings on which he has played, composed or conducted. His many film scores have brought his music to the attention of a huge audience around the world. Leo first learned music from his father and his aunt, Caridad Mezquida. His great-uncle was the well-known composer and pianist Ernesto Lecuona. Leo began playing the guitar himself at age

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I was determined to become a capable classical guitarist, but I had been running out of teachers. Every six months, it seemed, I reached the limits of the knowledge of my teacher and had to look for a new one. This was largely because, in the early 70s on Vancouver Island, Canada, there were no really good classical guitarists. I did however, find a pretty good teacher in Vancouver, so every Saturday morning I would commute over on the ferry. The one-hour lesson would take about seven hours including six hours travel time.

Just go knock on his door. I had already done two years at the University of Victoria in music, but the only problem there was that they wanted me to play the piano. They also had me playing lute in an early music ensemble. So I dropped out after second year and went to Spain. I picked up a great concert Ramirez in Madrid and headed for Alicante. In the photo are guitarists from Canada, France, Scotland, Belgium, Mexico, Ireland and the girl whose leg I am clutching, was a fine guitarist from the Philippines.

When I went there I was a pretty junior player, just finding my way. A bit of a hack, I guess you could say. When I got back to Canada, about ten months later, I could play the guitar. While I was in Alicante I did nothing but eat, sleep and practice the guitar and read Russian novels. I played about six hours a day. I learned a LOT of music.

When I came to the next lesson I had it all memorized. The reason I got off on this digression is because of Alicante. But in the years after the terrible Spanish Civil War , there was a prison camp outside Alicante where enemies of the Franco regime were imprisoned.

He was on the Republican side--who lost--during the war and afterwards was sentenced to thirty years in prison. He died, age 31, in the prison outside Alicante in the year , of tuberculosis and mistreatment. Much of his poetry was written in prison.

Of course, when I was studying in Alicante, I knew nothing of this history. Here is the second prelude. The fourth prelude is the only really up-tempo one, suitable to the text, so in the photos everyone is looking quite happy. For the fifth prelude, three photos as before: And finally, the sixth prelude: Posted by.


Preludios epigramaticos

Review Guidelines Explain exactly why you liked or disliked the product. With the preludiod one, I have included three photos: I was determined to become a capable classical guitarist, but I had been running out of teachers. Composed by Leo Brouwer I think a more impressive way is to simply sit in silence for a bit, let the mood of the piece ebb away slowly Please do not use epigramayicos language, including profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity. Drinking Hanging Out In Love.


More by Leo Brouwer

Tygonris I may have muddied the water, but i am sure there are fluent bi-lingualists out there who will clarify. Ever since the dawn that wanted to be dawnyou are everything mother. With my very poor Spanish I sort of thought it might be: Thanks pascualroch for your translation help. And yes, I think we did have lunch together at times. But poetic translation is a swamp where I liked to venture as a brash youngster but which scares me now. Newer Post Older Post Home. Verified Reviewer What is a Brouwr Reviewer.


Leo Brouwer – Sheet Music and Lessons for Classical Guitar


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