Product support Product Description Get more done with the wireless Lexmark Interact -- experience the cutting-edge technology of myTouch, a web-enabled touch screen interface, and WiFi-n 1. According to WiFi alliance. Subject to the range of your wireless router and access to electricity. When used with a WiFi enabled router.

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Page 2: Important Safety Information This patented printer is licensed for, and designed to work with, only genuine Lexmark inkjet cartridges for the life of the patented printer. Page 4 Canceling copy jobs Page 5: About Your Printer The latest supplemental information, updates, online technical support, and telephone support Available on the installation software CD and on the Lexmark Web site at www.

These features clean the printhead nozzles to improve the quality of your prints. To return an ink cartridge, go to www. Follow the instructions to request a postage-paid bag. Print and scan from virtually anywhere in your home or office over a secure wireless or Ethernet network, as well as share the printer among multiple computers. Scanner glass Scan and copy photos and documents.

Start Cancel Help Home Understanding the home screen After the printer is turned on and a short warm-up period occurs, the display shows the following basic screen which is referred to as the home screen. Page 11 Display item Description Copy Access the copy menu and make copies. Scan Access the scan menu and scan documents. Memory Device View, select, print, or attach photos and documents to e-mail.

Note: This icon appears only when you return to the home screen while a memory card, flash drive, or PictBridge-enabled camera is connected to the printer. Page Using Memory Cards And Flash Drives Using memory cards and flash drives Using a memory card or flash drive with the printer Memory cards and flash drives are storage devices frequently used with cameras and computers.

You can remove the memory card from the camera or the flash drive from the computer and insert it directly into the printer. Insert a memory card into the card slot or a flash drive into the USB port. Page Ordering And Replacing Supplies High yield cyan color cartridge Magenta color cartridge High yield magenta color cartridge Licensed for a single use only.

After use, return this cartridge to Lexmark for remanufacturing, refilling, or recycling. Available only on the Lexmark Web site at www. Replacing ink cartridges Make sure you have a new ink cartridge or cartridges before you begin. Page Maintaining Ink Cartridges Press the release tab, and then remove the used ink cartridge or cartridges. Install each ink cartridge.

Use two hands to install the black cartridge. Note: Install the new ink cartridges immediately after removing the protective cap to avoid exposing the ink to air. Click or Start. Click All Programs or Programs, and then select the printer program folder from the list. Select Printer Home. Choose your printer from the printer drop-down list. From the Maintenance tab, click Align cartridges.

Follow the instructions on the computer screen. Page 18 Select Printer Home. From the Maintenance tab, click Clean cartridges. For Macintosh users From the Finder desktop, double-click the printer program folder. Select Printer Utility from the list. From the Maintenance tab, select Clean Print Nozzles. Installing the printer software Note: If you installed the printer software on this computer before but need to reinstall the software, then uninstall the current software first.

Select your printer, and then select your operating system. Download the driver and install the printer software. Using the Windows printer software Software installed during printer installation When you set up the printer using the installation software CD, all the necessary software was installed. Page 21 Add, edit, or delete contacts in the built-in phone book. Click Properties, Preferences, Options, or Setup. Select the print quality, the number of copies to print, the type of paper to use, and how the pages should print.

Page 24 Select Extend Dry Time, and then select a setting. In regions with high humidity, select Extended. Click OK to close any printer software dialogs. Click OK or Print. Note: To return to single-sided printing, return to the Advanced tab. From the 2-Sided Printing section, select Off from the drop-down menu. Insert a memory card, flash drive, or digital camera set to mass storage mode.

The Memory Device screen appears on the display. Touch View Photos. The Select Photos screen appears.

Touch the photo or photos you want to print. Note: The ADF is available only on selected models. If you purchased a printer without an ADF, then load original documents or photos on the scanner glass. Select the photo print size, and then touch Accept. Touch Continue to start printing. Note: For best results, allow the prints to dry at least 24 hours before stacking, displaying, or storing. Making a duplex copy automatically The automatic duplex unit, available only on selected printer models, supports letter- and A4-size paper.

If necessary, touch Accept each time you make a selection. Press to start scanning. The scan is complete when the application you selected in step 4 opens on the destination computer, and the scan appears within the application as a new file. Scanning starts and the scan progress dialog appears. When the scan is finished, a new e-mail message is created with the scanned document automatically attached.

Compose your e-mail message.


Lexmark Interact S605



Lexmark Interact S605 Quick Reference Manual


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