Shelves: historical-romance , dik , to-blog What can I say? The only exception was Mine Till Midnight , but even so it was good enough and definitely worth reading. On her merry chase, she ends up meeting the reclusive and mysterious Harry Rutledge, the hotel owner, and the course of her entire life is changed. Harry is a very successful self-made man who always gets what he wants, no matter what.

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Buy This Book Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. And this is the heart of Tempt Me at Twilight.

Poppy Hathaway wants a commonplace, gentle life in the countryside, yet she finds herself in a marriage to a driven man and living in a hotel in London. How is she to reconcile her dreams with her reality? How is she to find love and forge a new beginning with what life has handed to her?

He runs the hotel like a despotic ruler, fair but ruthless and efficient. The loyalty of his staff is unquestioned and they zealously protect his privacy.

Eventually, Harry relents and leads her into his extremely private curiosities room. Her expert knowledge about various objects in his collection utterly fascinates him as does her beauty; and for the first time, he badly wants a woman in his life. His father disapproves of the Hathaways and Bayning is a dutiful son.

Harry pounces on heartbroken Poppy and starts courting her. Poppy is horrified and is faced with a dilemma. A lifetime with a man I can never trust. To marry a villain, or never to marry at all. Poppy chooses to keep her word, but warns Harry that she will never love him and will never forget that he took away the man she loved and put himself in his place. Harry confidently assures her that he still wants to marry her because he never wanted to be loved in the first place and no one has ever done so yet.

With this beginning, how are they to build their relationship into trust and into love? Kleypas sets up the two protagonists as coming from opposite ends of the love-relationship spectrum. Poppy has been brought up in an environment full of affection and care, where her wants and needs have been safeguarded. Harry was brought up in deprivation, where no one cared for him. My heart stuttered at that and I started rooting for Harry unabashedly thence onwards.

Poppy is engaging, happy, and friendly, while Harry is taciturn, driven, and reclusive. Out of such disparity, Ms. Kleypas builds a believable HEA. I had some quibbles about the over-familiarity between Harry and his employees, such as the housekeeper, chef, and assistant.

However, I bought into it because of how deftly Ms. I found myself impatient with the plot device whereby Harry and Poppy are forced to marry. Surely, there are other ways that compel a hero and heroine into a marriage of convenience other than being discovered in a compromising position by members of the ton?

That aside, the marriage-of-convenience trope is handled well. I went back and forth on the grade quite a bit as I was reading the book. On one hand, the story is tender and caring and hopeful; on the other, parts of it are too predictable and Poppy can be immature — but the romance succeeds despite her.

Eventually, I settled on a B. The Hathaway series is really strong overall, and Tempt Me at Twilight is a good addition to it.


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