The turnover of PLL during is , million previous year , million and net profit is 10, million previous year Rs 6, million. Dahej SEZ covers the total land area of Hectares wherein Hectares is processing area and 15 Hectares is non-processing area. The SEZ is operational and its turnover during FY is Rs million and profit after tax is Rs million against the turnover of million in FY and profit after tax of million. The accounts of PHHL for are under finalisation.

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The turnover of PLL during is , million previous year , million and net profit is 10, million previous year Rs 6, million. Dahej SEZ covers the total land area of Hectares wherein Hectares is processing area and 15 Hectares is non-processing area. The SEZ is operational and its turnover during FY is Rs million and profit after tax is Rs million against the turnover of million in FY and profit after tax of million.

The accounts of PHHL for are under finalisation. The inking of the MOU is envisaged to go a long way in cooperation between two companies in the areas of shale gas exploration in India , USA and elsewhere in the world; and Deepwater in India. Sharing of data and transfer of technology would help this competitive technological partnership for mutual benefit of the two organizations in times to come.

The MOU aims at promoting clean coal technology to utilize high ash content indigenous coal in an environment friendly manner. Enterprise-wide e-mail system has been upgraded with architectural and storage enhancements for improved performance and manageability at a cost of Rs The license capacity has also been expanded to 30, client licenses to provide access to all ONGC employees. This has enabled providing official e-mail facilities to all employees of ONGC with functionalities at par with industry best practices.

In order to identify network bottlenecks and upgrade IT infrastructure to make the network future ready, services of consultant is being hired. The Project aims to enhance the IT skill and proficiency of all employees across the organization through training interventions over a period of three years through the rate contract. ONGC has always been a pioneer in adopting state-of-the-art contemporary technologies. In this direction, WiMax based Broadband Communication has been another technology initiative to provide communication facilities to remote installations in Gujarat and Mumbai Offshore which has been inducted at a cost of This will provide connectivity at the remote installations and fields similar to our offices enabling faster collaborative working.

Based on the experience gained from the above initiative, another Wimax Broadband communication project for similar technology presence across ONGC has been planned for North East and South Region at an estimated cost of million. The project is in final stage of award. To have a captive VC network, 22 Nos. For security surveillance 33 Nos of CCTV camera with recording facilities have been installed at various residential colonies of Mumbai Region at a cost of Rs 2. Corporate guidelines on incident reporting, investigation and monitoring of recommendations was developed and implemented for maintaining uniformity throughout the organization in line with international practice.

Effective implementation of PTW 2. Control of work practices for offshore going personnel 4. Radioactive safety in logging operation. Your Company has also developed Occupational Health Physical Fitness criteria for employees deployed for offshore operations.

This report covers the sustainability performance i. Energy Conservation a. Considering as the base year, these measures have resulted in meaningful utilization of MMSCM of gas in alone. Annual CERs accruable from these projects are Four previously registered CDM projects have been successfully verified during Issuance of CERs from the first project has been effected in February The total issued CERs are now around Issuance of CERs from the other three projects is expected soon.

With all the expected issuance in place, the total issued CERs would be approx , Carbon Foot-printing: An organization wide carbon footprint activity has been initiated in the year as a part of carbon and energy management. The CDP, launched at London in December represents an efficient process whereby many institutional investors collectively sign a single global request for disclosure of information on GHG emission. By joining the project, ONGC has bolstered its reputation as the leader among central PSUs in climate change and sustainable development through transparency and openness.

Besides, ONGC will have the access to the technologies adapted by different signatory companies in achieving sustainable development. To keep their morale high, your company extends several welfare benefits to the employees and their families by way of comprehensive medical care, education, housing and social security. During the year 12, your company implemented various new and revised welfare policies for its employees. Wage revision of unionised staff Consequent upon the tripartite settlement under section 12 3 of the Industrial Disputes Act, in respect of wage revision of non-executive cadre, the Performance Related Pay was discussed with the recognized unions in a number of meetings before the scheme was finalized and accorded approval of Board of Directors in June, Accordingly, the payment for the financial year was released in December, Families of deceased employees get a financial assistance under the scheme ranging between 1.

Your Company implemented a single integrated seamless computerised accounting system for all welfare trusts pertaining to investments, accounts, settlement and contribution etc. All payments are made to the members through e-payment gateway.

Implementation of Government Directives for the priority section Your Company complies with the Government directives for Priority Section of the society. The following welfare activities are carried out by your Company for their upliftment in and around its operational areas: i Annual component plan: An amount of million is distributed to various work centres of ONGC for implementation of welfare schemes.

This fund is especially meant for providing help and support in areas like Education and training, Community development, Health care, etc. Industrial Relations During the period, harmonious Industrial Relations were maintained throughout the Corporation. The elections for new ASTO body was conducted and completed in all 20 work-centres and the entire process was completed on 3rd February, Contract Management With reference to contracts entered into by your Company, periodic training programmes were conducted to sensitize the Principal Employers about their obligations, roles, responsibilities under the Contract Labour Regulation Act and other welfare legislations.

Considering the competitive market situations, a concept of fair wage for secondary work force has been devised for better working and living conditions. Contracts were standardized and aligned to the Model Service Agreements to protect the interest of ONGC as well as the secondary work force.

Contracts are being awarded in line with laid down principles of ONGC. Grievance Management System Your Company provides an easily accessible mechanism to the employees for redressal of their grievances, either through informal or formal channels. All key executives of your Company have designated a publicized time slot, thrice a week, to meet public representatives for speedy redressal of their grievances. An officer not below Chief Manager level is responsible for ensuring accessibility and responsiveness topublic grievances.

During the year , applications were received, out of which were disposed off and balance 51 applications as on Implementation of Official Language Policy During the year, a series of initiatives were undertaken for promotion and propagation of Rajbhasha in official communication.

Literary works in official language continued to be financially supported by your Company. In addition, all inductees at the executive level were exposed to the Official Language Policy of the Govt. Your Company also contributed actively in publishing the bilingual Petroleum Terminology, an initiative of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and in effective implementation of the Hindi Teaching Scheme of Govt.

Your company has received appreciation from the Parliamentary Committee on Official Language and the Government of India for excellent progress of implementation of Official language directives.

Human Resource Development All the 32, ONGCians as on 31st March, dedicated themselves for the excellent performance of your company during the year. During the year, HR group of your company ensured that adequate numbers with requisite skills-sets were inducted to meet the requirements of the Company as well as replenish the manpower loss on account of high superannuation.



Dutilar Further, in case the Company does not complete MWP or surrender the block without completing the MWP, the estimated cost of completing balance work programme is required to be paid to the GoI. Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets Provisions involving substantial degree of estimation in measurement are recognized repprt there is a present obligation as a result of past events and it is probable that there will be an outflow of resources. Variations in totals, if any, are due to internal summation and rounding off. These assets are capitalised and recognised rreport the balance sheet of BC as from the date the lease contract is concluded, at the lower of the fair value of the asset and onvc discounted value of the minimum lease instalments. Its Shares are listed and traded on Stock exchanges in India.


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