Le cause plasmocitoma I medici non hanno ancora capito esattamente cosa causa la mutilazione dei linfociti B nelle cellule mielomatose. Irradiazione con sostanze radioattive. Entrambe le varianti della malattia sono diversi gruppi di neoplasie in termini di localizzazione, progressione tumorale e sopravvivenza globale. I sintomi principali dipendono dallo stadio della malattia. Con un piccolo numero di cellule maligne, il plasmocitoma non si manifesta. Ma quando viene raggiunto il livello critico di queste cellule, la sintesi della paraproteina si verifica con lo sviluppo dei seguenti sintomi clinici: Articolazioni Lomit - ci sono dolori alle ossa.

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Pathology A plasmacytoma can arise in any part of the body. Both represent a different group of neoplasms in terms of location, tumor progression, and overall survival rate.

Both do, however, share many of the biologic features of other plasma cell disorders. CT CT may demonstrate subtle lytic lesions or small soft-tissue masses, particularly of the sternum, that are not visible at radiography. MRI Use of short-inversion-time inversion recovery and contrast-enhanced fat suppression techniques may improve the sensitivity of MR imaging. Treatment and prognosis Treatment may consist of radiotherapy alone, surgery alone, or a combination of the two depending on location and resectability of the plasmacytoma 6.

Three patterns of failure indicating poorer prognosis include development of multiple myeloma, local recurrence, and development of new lesions 6. Chest wall neoplasms and their management. Resnick D. Bone and joint imaging. W B Saunders Co. Read it at Google Books - Find it at Amazon 3. Solitary plasmacytoma of bone and asymptomatic multiple myeloma. Blood full text - Pubmed citation 4. Incidence, characteristics, and outcome of solitary plasmacytoma and plasma cell leukemia.

Population-based data from the Swedish Myeloma Register. Outcomes and patterns of failure in solitary plasmacytoma: a multicenter Rare Cancer Network study of patients. A review for solitary plasmacytoma of bone and extramedullary plasmacytoma.



Back pain and other consequences of the bone lesion may occur such as spinal cord compression or pathological fracture. In some tissues it may be found as a palpable mass. The diagnosis of plasmacytoma uses a diverse range of interdisciplinary techniques including serum protein electrophoresis , bone marrow biopsy , urine analysis for Bence Jones protein and complete blood count , plain film radiography , MRI and PET-CT. Normal blood serum contains a range of antibodies and are said to be polyclonal , whereas serum from a person with plasmacytoma may show a monoclonal spike. This is due to an outgrowth of a single type of plasma cell that forms the plasmacytoma and produces a single type of antibody.


Plasmocitoma: Cos'รจ? Cause, Sintomi, Diagnosi, Terapia e Prognosi

Llamadas plasmocitos. Su tarea fundamental es producir los. El estadio de la enfermedad jugara un papel, la edad del paciente y las posibles comorbilidades. La etapa alta de Plasmocitoma. La gran edad.

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