Read her testimonial: Hi, my name is Diyana Alcheva. I really quickly want to share a very powerful tool with you that is going to empower your network marketing business building process. That tool is going to improve those results significantly. If you have read "Magnetic Sponsoring" by Mike Dillard or if you have read any other material, or e-book, or book that is teaching the new way of attraction network marketing, then this tool is for you as well. The reason I recommend The Renegade Network Marketer is because I do believe that it is one of the main reasons why I was able to get such great results.

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Or is it just a bunch of hype? The concept of attraction marketing was indeed controversial when it first appeared — but the concept has proven itself over time, and today many of the great networkers of our time employ her strategy. It revolves around the premise that if you put out professional, helpful content, more and more people will start noticing you, and view you as a leader.

Leaders, of course, gather followers. It further follows that the type of prospects attracted by this type of marketing are likely to be in general of a higher quality, and provide you with recruits that will follow you and stick around and not leave within the average of 57 days. Want to know how I did it? It builds upon the concept of attraction marketing, but aims to equip you with all the necessary skills and tools to be able to implement the concept and build a profitable network in the process.

Ann discusses the problems of old and outdated networking techniques, and literally teaches you new ones. Things that used to work a few years ago are simply not effective any more, but many oplines still teach them. Her view — and rightly so — is that teaching these ineffective and outdated ways of prospecting and recruiting not only makes it difficult for the people you bring into your business opportunity, but also for the people they do recruit. Everybody ends up struggling more than they have to, and as such many people give up and walk away — when in fact they could have had a good chance of making it.

If you follow her teachings, you are likely to do things quite differently from what most people have been teaching up till now. She also focuses on free techniques to help keep expenses down while you need to. She does, however, touch on a point that has been the end of many network marketing dreams: Cash flow.

Most people run out of money before they start generating any income, and eventually give up. It holds a lot of good, up to date information, and teaches techniques and skills that work in the present environment. You may want to get a copy. Top network marketing trainer in Nigeria. He makes his full time income from home and helps others do the same. But if you are tired with your JOB and want to fire your Boss for good, spend more time with your family and have more cash to spend, then connect with him.


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The Renegade Network Marketer by Ann Sieg – My Review


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