Recitation of His name is a mantra which by itself is as purifying as a dip in Holy Ganges. He is the Holiest of the Holy, and the Light of lights. He has no comparision, and is Infinite. His divine time is beyond measure and is limitless. He is ever present in all beings.

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Who is the Embodiment of Truth. Who is solely devoted to teaching Truth and Righteousness. Om Sri Sai Varadaya Namaha. Who is the Giver of boons. Om Sri Sai Satpurushaya Namaha. Who is the eternal Truth. Who embodies supreme Virtue. Who fosters and promotes Goodness in the world. Who guards and guides good people. Om Sri Sai Sarvajnaya Namaha. Who is Omniscient. Who is dear to all.

Who is omnipotent. Om Sri Sai Sarveshaya Namaha. Who embodies all forms of God. Who is totally detached from all things. Who is the indwelling Spirit. Om Sri Sai Mahimatmane Namaha. Who is all Majesty and Glory. Who is the Embodiment of Lord Maheshwara. Who was born in the village of Parthi.

Who is resident in the region of Parthi. Who was famous in His previous body as the resident of Shirdi. Who was born into the spiritual family of the Sage Bharadwaja. Om Sri Sai Bhaktavatsalaya Namaha. Who protects his devotees with utmost love. Om Sri Sai Apantaratmane Namaha. Who is the indwelling Spirit Who carries us across the sea of Samsara. Who is the essence of incarnating Godhead. Who dissolves all fears. Who was born in the lineage of the Sage Apasthamba.

Who bestows courage. Who was born in the Ratnakara dynasty. Whose Glory is not different from the Shirdi Avatar. Om Sri Sai Shankaraya Namaha. Who is Lord Shiva. Who is the Incarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba. Who is the resident of Dwarakamayi. Who lives at Puttaparthi on the banks of the river Chithravati. Who bestows vigor and energy. Who saves those Who surrender. Om Sri Sai Anandaya Namaha.

Who is pure Bliss. Who bestows pure Bliss. Who is ever engaged in serving the distressed. Who is the supreme benefactor of the destitute. Who is the helper of the helpless. Who is Kith and Kin of the whole world. Who is ever engaged in fostering and guarding the world. Who is Lord of all the world. Who is the Guardian of the downtrodden. Who is the Form of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

Who grants absolute Liberation. Who is devoid of defects and deficiencies. Who is utterly compassionate. Who is the Sustainer and Support of all.

Who resides in the hearts of all beings. Who bestows the fruits of merit. Who is the destroyer of all sins. Who removes all disease. Who destroys all suffering.

We surrender to Sai, the Creator Who is praised eternally. Who is the primordial Being. Who is the primeval Energy. Who has delightful and wonderful powers. Who is the Form of the Unmanifested Godhead.

Who destroys anger and desire. Who wears a golden colored robe. Whose acts are unprecedented. Who is our protects through all calamities. Om Sri Sai Prematmane Namaha. Who is Love personified. Who is the Embodiment of Love. Who inspires Love in all beings. Om Sri Sai Priyaya Namaha. Who is loved by all. Who is precious to devotees.

Who evokes supreme happiness in devotees. Who resides in the hearts of devotees. Who melts in the hearts of devotees. Who is bound to devotees by their devotion. Who ignites the spark of devotion and spiritual Knowledge. Who reveals the path of devotion leading to supreme Wisdom. Who reveals the path of attaining right Knowledge.

Who is the manifestation of supreme Wisdom. Who teaches us the Celestial epic Bhagavad Gita. Who grants the attainment of divine Wisdom. Who is the Embodiment of divine Beauty. Who is the Embodiment of Purity. Who bestows the fruits of our Karma. Om Sri Sai Purushottamaya Namaha. Who is the supreme amoung all men. Who is the ever existent One.

Om Sri Sai Atitaya Namaha. Whose Glory transcends the three worlds. Om Sri Sai Kalatitaya Namaha. Who is beyond the limits of time. Who is the embodiment of all accomplishment and perfection.

Whose Will is immediately effective.


Sai Baba Ashtothram

Shri Sai Baba Archana Names "It is quite possible that there may be some spelling errors, which we request you to kindly overlook. OM sri Sai Nathaaya namaha 2. OM Sri Sai Lakshmi naarayanaya namaha 3. OM Sri Sai Krishnaraamashiva maruthyaadhi roopaaya namaha 4. OM Sri Sai Seshasai ne namaha 5. OM Sri Sai Godhavarithata shirdhivasi ne namaha 6.


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Om Shri Sai naathaaya Namah:. Om, to the respected Lord Sai, 2. Om Laksmiinaaraayanaaya Namah. Om Sheshashaayine Namah.


Shri Sai Baba





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